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Our top 7 customer loyalty mobile apps - Part 2

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Rob Verheul
by Rob Verheul
Managing Director

Graphite's Managing Director and a BIMA 100 winner. Also on the BIMA Young Talent Council, which is focused on creating a pipeline of future innovators in all areas of digital.

Published on Tuesday 12th February 2019

Top customer loyalty mobile apps

In the second of our 2 part series on loyalty programme apps in retail we continue with retailer apps 4 to 7. In part 1 on Customer Loyalty, we reviewed the retail apps most highly rated by customers. In this second part of the series consider common themes among those highly rated apps that customers like. Loyalty programmes work best when they offer a mix of financial rewards, emotional benefits and ease of experience. A successful loyalty scheme must offer more than a pricing discount. The positives highlighted by customers tend to settle around a number of different benefits/experiences. 

Many of the apps that have been highly rated by customers have considered one or more of the following:

  1. User Research - find out what customers want as in the Nike example
  2. Prototype, test and iterate
  3. Create an easy onboarding process, clean UI and navigation
  4. Merge physical and digital experiences
  5. Offer simple in-app payments via Apple Pay, Paypal etc.
  6. Make the shopping experience easier & simpler for customers with services like collect in store/free delivery with membership options.
  7. Offer a loyalty programme that offers a combination of rational and emotional benefits for true engagement.
  8. Ensure customers ‘enjoy’ participating in the programme
  9. Ensure your app delivers a seamless brand experience

For any retailers looking to enhance their existing app or create a new app incorporating loyalty, these are things that should be firmly on your consideration list.

So, on with our list of the top 7 retail apps:

4. Jamie’s Italian Gold Club

Combined iOS & Android Customer rating: 4.65

Why do customers like it?

This app lets you find or book a table at Jamie’s Italian, view the menu and pay your bill with your phone. The Gold Club loyalty offering ensures you receive not only reward offers but complementary ‘treats’ each month such as a free soup, starters or a glass of prosecco and so do the family and friends that dine with you. Jamie’s Italian was one of the first apps to incorporate payment at table. Allowing users to pay easily from their table when they want to leave.

Customers say:

"Went to Jamie’s in Bath and had a great meal with free prosecco, free taster, brilliant service and food. What’s not to like."

"The app works perfectly and Jamie always offers good service and an extra treat for card members."

"The Gold Card app is just great, I’m just getting that little bit more from my visits and enough to make me feel rewarded for being a regular customer, thanks for all the staff for making me feel a little bit special."

Jamie Oliver App

5. M&S

Combined iOS & Android Customer rating: 4.6

Why do customers like it?

The M&S app incorporates its Sparks loyalty programme. The loyalty programme allows you to collect points for treats and rewards that include both regular offers and birthday treats plus donations to charity. You may also receive exclusive invitations to in store style and taste events. M&S is introducing checkout free technology at many of its stores. The M&S app will allow customers to scan products as they go and pay for them from their phone using Apple Pay or a saved card on the M&S account. The new service allows customers to purchase their lunch in about 40 seconds. M&S is collecting customer feedback before rolling out to more stores.  

Customers say:

“Easy to navigate and quick to fill my basket. Love M&S and love M&S Apple Pay

So much to choose from on the site which is great. Easy to scroll, select and pay on mobile app. Quick and easy and enjoy the Sparks discounts.

User friendly and pleasant to browse, great when Personalised Sparks rewards are combined, feel like a valued customer.”

M&S App

6. Starbucks

Combined iOS & Android Customer rating: 4.6

Why do customers like it?

Starbucks app is not only highly rated but it is one of the most regularly used apps by its customers. The app itself offers an inviting user experience - customers can order and pay to skip any queues. It recalls favourite orders and makes suggestions to pair food orders. The rewards programme gives a number of benefits for app users including exclusive member offers.

Customers say:

"The app is beautifully designed and very functional. It’s easy to order ahead, using that service, and you can mark your favourites easily. Geolocation is great as your card pops up and it’s easy to access from the screen."

"Lovin’ the Starbucks App; quick, simple and easy to use, but extremely effective."

Starbucks App

7. Urban Outfitters (UO Rewards)

Combined iOS & Android Customer rating: 4.5

Why do customers like it?

Customers receive 10% off when they join and earn rewards every time they either shop, share on social media or visit a store. Customers get millennial centric rewards like tickets to artist live performances and meet and greets, signed 'merch', birthday gifts and personalised gifts. The user interface includes a visually appealing tracker that clearly communicates progress towards the next reward. The app has millions of downloads.

Customers say:

"This app is great as it gives you a free £5 voucher when you join and lets you enter exclusive giveaways. You can also create wish lists and save items for later which makes the app really easy to use!"

"Super easy! Absolutely perfect for shopping online, nice and simple layout so you can get things done quickly."

Urban Outfitters App

These innovative retailers are using their apps to create engaging personalised retail experiences, rewarding customers for loyalty, and easing the customer journey and experience. Graphite is a digital customer experience agency that has worked with leading brands to help them deliver seamless customer experiences, deliver mobile loyalty and innovate. Graphite can help brands with user research, design sprints and mapping user journeys to enhance experiences. If you would like to know more about our design sprint and digital customer experience journey services, get in touch for a chat.