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Brighton Digital Week- 'Product Love'

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Callum Stannard
by Callum Stannard
Account Executive

Being part of the Client Services team at Graphite is great fun. I love music, writing and taking photos. But most of all I love Brighton.

Published on Friday 9th September 2016

Last night at Olivier House, Graphite played host to over 50 people who had come to the offices as part of Brighton Digital Week’s Open Studios events. Graphite has always welcomed guests in the past; always greeting every guest as an old friend. But never before had we entertained so many in one place; it was a new experience. The beers were chilled, the laser pointer tested and at 6 o’clock our doors opened and the people of Brighton made their way up.

Slowly the attendees began to take their seats which were in high demand. Rob welcomed everyone and gave a bit of background on who we are, what we’ve been doing and on the subject of the evening’s talks: Product. He gave each of the four speakers a a great introduction and Tim, our Product Manager begun with the first talk. This acted as something of an entry-point to the concept of digital product. He got the crowd really thinking from the get-go; urging them to keep asking “Why?” in order to get to the root of demand. He showed us that using Lean Canvas means ideas are made profitable. Next up was Thomas, our Lead Designer. He demonstrated how design sprints can be best utilised to go between creation and learning then back again in order to fully get inside a product during conception. He stressed the importance of inter-team collaboration and for the need to enjoy your work in order to create the best outcomes.

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Richard, a Full Stack Developer here followed giving his insight into the coding elements in a product build. This was an engaging look at how developers will help designers realise their creative and bring it into functionality. He also helped us all to consider how we could brief technical teams more effectively. Finally I rounded things up with my own talk from the perspective of an Account Executive, taking the audience through the launch, promotion and reporting of a product. I placed emphasis on how client liaison is such a key aspect when building relationships and going into long-term partnerships. Afterwards, we had a brief Q&A session, answering some really interesting queries. Then we had a few more drinks with our guests and got to know everyone a bit better.

Designers, coders, the seasoned pro’s and fresh-graduates alike all shared a drink and got to know each other a little better. Part of the drive behind inviting so many was to meet people looking for work and to extent our list of friends we can call on when we need more people involved in a project. But one nice surprise was to greet our office-neighbours Yelo Architects, who we quickly discovered shared some similarities between their creative processes and our own. Interestingly they told us they use VR to prototype when they architecture a project – just the kind of thing we perhaps would never have known without opening our doors that night.

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It was a night to remember all round and I think I speak for the whole team when I say we won’t be waiting until next year before we do something like it again!