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Bringing Higgidy’s new brand to a digital platform

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Amy Clarke
by Amy Clarke
Product Designer

Published on Monday 13th March 2017

We redesigned the Higgidy website in line with their new branding

When Higgidy approached us with their new branding and a box full of pies it’s safe to say we were excited. This was a total transformation for Higgidy and we couldn’t wait to get involved.

Eye-catching and eclectic - the new identity by B&B Studio is based around the strategic positioning of ‘the best food always looks a bit Higgidy’ and celebrates the hand-finished nature of Higgidy’s much loved pies and quiches.

The resulting packaging is based around the idea of ‘The Beauty of Imperfection’ and inspired by the product’s natural qualities which challenge the standardised ideals of perfection.

Higgidy Group Shot

The challenge for us

This website redesign would be the first iteration of the new brand after the packaging so it was a big step for Higgidy and we had to get it right. How could we transform this beautifully imperfect brand into something which works on a digital platform - which in itself relies on perfection and precision.

Alongside the visual challenge this website had technical complexities too, it had to be easy to update, flexible enough to add new features and fully responsive across every device. We needed to build something future proof and technically solid yet aesthetically intricate and bespoke. This was a truly digital project which means more than pretty textures & typefaces - it’s design that works.

Where to begin

After receiving a super thorough brief it was clear that this website was strongly focused on Higgidy’s vast range of products and bringing their new look online. Alongside this are a big selection of delicious recipes which either stand alone or can be matched with the products. Cool huh? The website instantly becomes more than a place to showcase products but somewhere that gives people a reason to come back. We wanted to make the most of these great features and give Higgidy's customers something to tell their friends about.

Desktop Responsive Mockup

Extending the brand to digital

When scrolling through the Higgidy brand guidelines it was clear that we needed to think creatively about how to balance the colourful textures of the packaging with the clean simplicity of current web trends. A few things that immediately stood out were:

- No flat colour, only texture

- 33 different products all with different illustrations (and colours)

- Lots of curved edges

- A round logo

The product & recipe pages were the main bulk of the site and had to resonate the most with the user. In essence, the products had to have as much impact online as they did in-store. The packaging combines curved edges with illustrative details and bold colour so this had to come across without being over the top or fussy. We crafted an elegant solution which allowed each product to have a unique set of illustrations, textures and colours without hours of bespoke code every time a new product was added. It was a real win to pull this off and see it working on the live site.

I’ve been so impressed with Graphite’s approach; they have taken time to understand our business, helped define our digital strategy and created a site which not only showcases the product beautifully but also extends and develops the visual identity of our brand beyond our packaging.

Joe Marshall - Higgidy

Thinking Responsive

With 60% of Higgidy’s customer base using phones or tablets, this website had to work well everywhere. This played a big part in the design process and informed so many decisions - from the website architecture to the page layout and visual elements. With a project like this it’s so important to create desktop and mobile designs simultaneously, this fail fast approach allows for quick iteration and discovery.

About Mobile 1

Setting Higgidy apart

As mentioned earlier, Higgidy make more than just great pies. Camilla (creator of all things Higgidy) is kind enough to share her tried and tested recipes on the website. The cool thing here is that the recipes can be matched with Higgidy products - allowing users to discover products and recipes they previously wouldn’t have known existed. We wanted to maximise on these great features and bring them to the forefront of the product pages. The ‘try this with’ bubble is a cool little device which sits alongside a product or recipe, users hover to reveal more information and click through to the corresponding product or recipe.

Try This With

Good pie for now!

We’re really sad to see this project come to an end. It’s been a delight working with Higgidy and bringing their brand into 2017 with a bang. So what’s next? With plans to evolve the website even further we look forward to helping Higgidy with all things digital in the future. Especially if they keep delivering the pies.