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Top Digital Pharma Conferences for Innovation

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Lauren Robinson
by Lauren Robinson
Marketing Executive

Lauren manages all things social media and content, supports the overall marketing strategy and manages our Future Talent programme.

Published on Thursday 5th December 2019

In this blog post, we have pulled together a list of 7 top digital pharma conferences, what they’re about and how they could benefit you and your business.

The pharma and healthcare industry is rapidly growing and innovating, and new technologies are helping to transform the industry for the benefit of healthcare professionals and their patients. To keep up with the impact that digital is having on the industry, many pharma professionals are seeking out opportunities to learn more about innovation in healthcare and pharma.

7 Top Digital Pharma Conferences

1. Digital Pharma Europe

Next on: 2020 date and location TBC

What is it about?

Each year the conference has a different focus, 2019s being ‘Helping pharma understand how to evolve and adapt to the rapidly changing global healthcare ecosystem, and to the rapidly changing needs and dynamics of its customers’. This conference is ideal for pharmaceutical companies looking to innovate their patient support programmes, adapt their digital strategy, integrated channel optimisation and more.

2. Digital Pharma Advances 

Next on: 29th January 2020 (London)

What is it about?

A one-day, European industry-led conference event allowing digital agencies, HCPs & patients to network and engage with one another. This conference would be suitable for pharma companies looking for innovative, customer-centric, multi-channel digital marketing strategies, and the digital agencies that provide services to the industry. 

Graphite’s experience:

This year (2019) we ran a stand at Digital Pharma Advance. Although the conference was on the smaller side, the team learnt a lot about the challenges that HCP’s and their patients experience and how different types of digital innovation can help solve them.

digital pharma advance 1

3. Digital Health World Congress 

Next on: 27-28th November 2019 (London)

What is it about?

Discover digital pharmaceutical strategies that have delivered real results for companies. Speakers this year include IBM, Babylon, NHS, Qardio, Orange, Telenor and many more. An opportunity to hear from digital pharma experts and thought leaders, giving detailed insights into their own individual domains.

4. The Pharma Social Media Conference

Next on: 27th November 2019 (London)

 What is it about?

Hear from some of Europe's leading pharma brands as they reveal how to ensure results with a bespoke digital strategy and proving how much impact digital innovation can have for pharma and healthcare businesses. The Graphite team attended the Pharma Social Media Conference in 2018.

5. ePharma 

Next on: 18-19th March 2020 (New York)

 What is it about?

Identify and learn ways to overcome this increasingly regulated industry's biggest challenges through innovation. If you want to achieve bigger and better results but lack the vital tools to do so, this conference is for you. ePharma is an amazing opportunity to talk to digital professionals and senior innovators and find out how your business can follow the ongoing pharma digital evolution. 

Digital Pharma Advance

6. Digital Pharma East 

Next on: 2020 date and location TBC

What is it about?

Digital Pharma East aims to help pharma professionals understand how they can present business plans, justify budget, innovation and minimise the risk of proposals being shut down. This conference is great for pharma professionals who want to become champions for their business’ digital strategy and innovation needs. Each year the conference has a range of specific focus areas. In 2019, some of these included; ‘Patient Engagement and Patient Support Services’, ‘Omnichannel Engagement’, and ‘How Can We Incorporate Innovation Teams Across the Business and Use Innovative Methods to Solve Business Challenges?’ - all of which Graphite can help pharma businesses achieve.

Graphite’s experience:

Our Client Services Director Jon Hume delivered a talk at the conference in October 2018, alongside a pharma client titled ‘5 Excuses Every Digital Pharma Marketer Uses and What Needs to Change’ about ways to overcome restrictions in a regulated industry through innovation. A huge event with a wide variety of topics, we noticed how hard it is to share a great digital case study within pharma. 

7. IMPACCT: mHealth 

Next on: July 2020 (Boston) 

What is it about?

The conference unites industry leaders in clinical and digital innovation collaborate and share data, best practice and innovative approaches to transform the clinical research sector with digital technology and focus on patient-centricity. IMPACCT also aims to help attendees tackle challenges regarding implementation, and advises how best to accelerate the development of digital innovation in pharma businesses.

 Graphite’s experience:

IMPACCT was a great opportunity to hear about how businesses are beginning to work digital tools into their clinical trials. We learnt a lot about what has been done to date and were inspired by the opportunity for more patient centered research around digital clinical trials. We learnt that it could be incredibly impactful in improving the data collected during clinical trials.

At Graphite, we’re passionate about using technology to make a positive impact on people’s lives. We’ve recently been working with Pfizer to design, better experiences for healthcare professionals. If you want to discuss how Graphite could help you to ensure that your user is at the centre of everything you do, we’d love to chat with you. We help pharma teams run design sprints, UX research and review their existing technology stack. Get in touch via the form below to find out more.

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