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Digitally Lead: Graphite’s January Roundup

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Callum Stannard
by Callum Stannard
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Published on Tuesday 31st January 2017

Welcome to Digitally Lead – a monthly segment where we look back on the news stories that turned our collective heads during the last four weeks.

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Deliveroo sets up global HQ in London

This summer, food-delivery service Deliveroo are set to hire 300 new software engineers at their new Canon Street location which is to become its global HQ. Last year, orders from the app went up 650%. This is big news for London as the start-up success story now operates in 12 countries, with over 1,000 employees. They’re not alone either as Google, Apple and Facebook have all made recent commitments to Britain’s capital.

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Snapchat backtracks on UK 'HQ'

Meanwhile, Snapchat have resisted calling their London office an international HQ. This new location will pay taxes on local ad revenue rather than an EU country with lower tax rates. This is unusual next to other online advertising companies. After initial reports, some journalists such as Marketing Week were asked by Snapchat to change ‘HQ’ to ‘hub’ in their coverage and the company released a statement confirming the base is not an HQ.

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AI can now develop itself

Researchers at the Google Brain AI research group have reported AI mastering the task of designing machine-learning software itself. AI software designed a machine-learning system which reaped results surpassing any previously published results from software designed by humans. Since then, other major AI groups (such as Elon Musk’s OpenAI) have reported similar findings. While the task itself is not new; this is the first time results have been better than man-made equivalents. 

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YouTube launches Super Chat

YouTube’s latest tool allows vloggers to “keep their conversations and connections with (super) fans meaningful and lively while also giving creators a new way to make money.” It gives commenters the chance to buy a highlighted comment while watching a live stream to capture the broadcaster’s attention by being pinned to the top of the chat stream for up to 5 hours. Let's hope the paywall puts off some of the extreme commenters the platform has been plagued with. 

How Facebook Stories Works

Facebook bringing Stories to mobile app a la Snapchat

Just as they did with Instagram last year, Facebook are now bringing expiring Stories to their main app. Drawing from the Snapchat format again, they will appear in a row at the top of the window and will expand on tapping. Currently being tested in Ireland only this is expected to roll out to other regions in the next few months. Emulating Snapchat is working with 150 million people a day using Instagram Stories - equaling the originators.

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Twitter utilises Instagram Stories to boost news-source reputation

Facebook aren’t the only ones piggy-backing this month with Twitter starting its own Instagram account this month and quickly making good use of the Stories function. They published a story displaying famous people tweeting about the Oscar nominations which linked back to Twitter’s Instagram profile where there was a link to the Twitter Moments page for the event. This comes at the end of a year of the year of Twitter realigning itself as a news source; even re-categorising on the App Store from 'social network' into 'news' app. 

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Google’s Products Feeling Lucky

It was revealed this month that the biggest buyer of Google Ads is...Google. A study found that adverts for Google’s own products appeared in the top spot in 91% of 25,000 recent searches related to items of that nature. So searches for ‘phones’ would start with a collection of Pixel adverts almost every time with the same happening when searching for ‘laptops’ and receiving Chromebook ads. Google said this was only happening because of the ad’s quality and the prices Google is willing to pay.

Rimmel updates classic strapline to promote self-expression

Beauty mainstay Rimmel has subtly but significantly tweaked its famous “Get the London Look” strapline from “Get the” to “Live the” in order to encourage inclusiveness. They said “we want move accordingly with our consumer [and] they don’t want to be told what to do, they want to have a dialogue," and to do this launches the new line with a campaign film starring - among familiar faces like Georgia May Jagger and Kate Moss - a young man applying make-up. Teen beauty blogger Lewys Ball says “Anybody can wear make-up, no matter who you are.”