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Graphite Digital At UNIQLO's 311 Marvel Event

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Callum Stannard
by Callum Stannard
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Published on Friday 29th April 2016

We created a Marvel-themed competition portal with Uniqlo

Whose Side Are You On?

Last night at UNIQLO’s flagship Oxford Street 311 store, a very special launch took place to celebrate the the launch of UNIQLO’s Marvel UT t-shirt range and the UK release of Captain America: Civil War – the latest in Marvel’s hugely successful Avengers film franchise. In what is sure to be one of the biggest blockbusters of the year, the team of dynamic superheroes turn in on themselves over hero accountability creating two warring sides: one headed by the egoistically charismatic Iron Man, the other by the conventionally moralistic Captain America. UNIQLO asked their customers: whose side are you on? In collaboration with UNIQLO’s UT range, Marvel produced a collection of exciting, limited edition retail products for fans to snap up. But that wasn’t all – Graphite were privileged to be able to produce a Marvel-themed competition portal through our new campaign platform Prize Media.

Queue 2
Prize Media enabled users to sign up for a unique Team ID which they could take to the UNIQLO store on launch night to see if they had won a coveted trip to Comic Con in San Francisco. The platform took care of all the codes and the win-selection so we could use the really fun Marvel artwork to make the webportal super engaging. Visitors had to choose which team to pledge allegiance to, Iron Man or the Cap’n before receiving their corresponding themed ID email. The look and feel revolved around the blue team of Captain America and the red team of Iron Man. The illustrations were edited by Graphite’s designers and painted to create a parallax experience, giving the larger than life superheroes movement and depth as you moved around the page. The visuals promoted the excitement of the movie launch, and created a lively, animated journey for every Avengers fan.
Everything was tested and in place – but how did the public react on the night? Redemption happened as people entered store, only after they reached the front of a colossal queue! They found out if they’d been lucky on the door before being sent downstairs to the Avengers themed basement. Downstairs was full of excited fans dressed in red and blue, queuing up to have their face painted, and to be drawn by an exclusive Marvel illustrator. It was great to see that many of the people who won on their redemptions went on to buy Marvel t-shirts and sported them with pride. Customers were given goodie bags, full of stickers, comics, keyrings and much more.
Basement 2
The two top prize winners battled it out in a Marvel quiz surrounded by friends and family cheering on Team Stark or Team Captain. Blissfully, the overall winner was a Marvel mega fan, and jumped for joy when she realised she’d be the one on the plane to San Francisco to Comic Con with a friend.
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Thousands of people visited the page with almost half opting in for future correspondence.
Overall, it was a heroic evening all-round, packed with people clearly excited about the launch of Civil War and being a part of the action. In the space of 5 days over 1,300 people signed up online for their code driven from UNIQLO’s social channel and into the store, fluidly linking digital experience with physical commitment. Not only were people giving themselves a chance to win a great holiday, but also driving awareness of the new UNIQLO Marvel UT range. More than 300 queued up to see what they had won, with a head to head quiz battle taking place for the Comic Con trip.
This was not only a fun campaign to work on as the movie and Marvel assets are such great material, but a successful one that shows the benefits of combining web, prizes and in-store events into an exciting customer journey. Thousands of people visited the page with almost half opting in for future correspondence. We’re yet to see the film but judging on the selections of people choosing sides through the website – Captain America walked away triumphant – just!