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Graphite Making Waves In New Marine Parade Location

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Callum Stannard
by Callum Stannard
Account Executive

Being part of the Client Services team at Graphite is great fun. I love music, writing and taking photos. But most of all I love Brighton.

Published on Friday 8th April 2016

In March Graphite Digital waved goodbye to the North Laine and moved to Olivier House on Marine Parade – right in the heart of St James Street and in thrall to the iconic Brighton Wheel.

2015 was Graphite’s biggest and best year yet, seeing our steady upward-incline burst into a sheer skyrocket. The projects became more ambitious, the results more impressive and our style became less and less imitable. All this new change necessitated new people, and Graphite stepped up to the challenge by bringing in 12 new starters, doubling our workforce.

However, as you can imagine, things began to get a little snug in Kensington Street and while we were quite enamoured with our prominent North Laine stomping ground, it was time to move on up. What was undoubtedly the local coffee shop scene’s loss would be the seafront’s gain.

At the turn of the New Year we found our new home, so close to the Brighton Wheel that we could almost be in one of its capsules. Except that it’s huge – I mean seriously big.

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This new move marks Phase 4 in Graphite’s history and we mean to start it with a bang.

With multiple meeting rooms to suit every conference and stand-up, a vast foyer with a projection wall and a whole floor dedicated to kitchen space and break out – Graphite has room to breathe, and room to continue to grow. This new move marks Phase 4 in the company’s history and we mean to start with a bang.

The rest of 2016 will be focused on building on this momentum and delivering some truly exciting digital experiences for clients such as Costa, Uniqlo, Pfizer, BP and more. I’ll leave you with a word from the man himself, MD Rob Verheul:

“I’m so proud of everything we’ve achieved over the past few years. I attribute our growth and success to the strength of our people and our drive to create powerful and innovative digital experiences for our clients.”