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Graphite's Trends Forecast for 2017

  • 3 mins read
by Callum Stannard
Digital Campaign Executive

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Published on Friday 20th January 2017

We're a couple of weeks into 2017 now and in full swing. But what should we expect for the year ahead in digital? We asked a handful of the Graphite team for their tips on what they think will be keeping the industry busy.

Artificial Intelligence and Voice Interface

With the rise in popularity of voice-enabled Artificial Intelligence (AI) like Amazon’s Alexa, and the ability for third-party developers to create ‘skills’ to integrate services via its API, it will be interesting to see how brands begin to offer services and experiences through an audio-only interface. As we get more used to talking to AI, the Internet of Things will continue to expand as AI will infiltrate cars and appliances. 

- Thomas, Creative Director: 

AR Shopping

I see AR Shopping being the largest growing trend this year. After the huge success of Covent Garden's massive Blippar experience over Christmas, I really think consumers are ready for a new shopping experience. If brands can bridge the gap between online shopping and experiential campaigns effectively, the results will be really exciting.

- Cal, Campaigns Executive: 

Artificial Intelligence

I predict the rise of more intelligent websites. Artificial Intelligence is becoming ever more accessible to developers through the release of libraries and frameworks to facilitate creativity without the steep learning curve. While this sort of technology has already begun to be used, I think we will see a wider range of websites becoming more active by adapting to our needs and uses and even predicting our next moves to make for a better user experience.

- Will, Technical Developer: 

Mobile Banking

2015 saw the emergence of 'true' mobile banking. Through Monzo and Monese making a purchase results in an instant confirmation of the transaction and transfers and savings can be easily and transparently managed through mobile apps designed like it's not 1995. I think in the next year or so we'll see major disruption in the banking sector as these services catch on and become mainstream, and the incumbent banks realise they have a lot of catching up to do.

- Jake, Web Developer: 


I think more people will start to follow Apple’s lead and take wireless more seriously - the headphone jack’s days are numbered. That and a much bigger utilisation of voice-activated interfaces with Siri, Alexa et al. Whether they’ll be useful or continue to drive us mad I wouldn’t like to say!

 - JP, Account Manager: 


In 2017 brands will start having more of a conversation with their consumers than ever before; with new technology such as the imminent integration of brands through messaging services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Offering their services in a number of ways with little friction means a more pleasing experience. Finding the right balance between automation and a truly personalised conversation will be something that will improve this year.

 - Ryan, Designer