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Prize Media: A Scalable & Flexible Promotions Platform

  • 2 mins read
Rob Verheul
by Rob Verheul
Managing Director

Graphite's Managing Director and a BIMA 100 winner. Also on the BIMA Young Talent Council, which is focused on creating a pipeline of future innovators in all areas of digital.

Published on Monday 21st March 2016

New baby

Today sees the culmination of several months internal work on Graphite’s own promotional platform – Prize Media A cloud-based tool that allows for the quick setup and launch of prize based digital campaigns: be it collecting tokens from real world purchases to unlock online goodies, or providing a unique code to get a prize instantly, or simply registering user details to unlock a game.

Utility + Engagement

Our own experience, plus feedback from our clients, has shown that when there are prizes involvedexciting interactions, engagement increases again. Prize Media puts these two together to deliver stand out campaigns.

Measurable, Flexible

Real time reporting and social linking, means campaign owners can react in life to increase results. Dialling up prizes and increasing shares. While a fully flexible front end means the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating unique and exciting customer experiences.

In House Build

As an internal project we ensured that the product held some core values in its DNA, which are also reflected in the campaigns we produce for our clients: fun, interactive , cross platform and forward looking. Our website, with its releasable balloons, animations and flat design provide a hint to Graphite’s strengths.

Walking Our Talk

Graphite endeavours to work with our clients in a needs led agile way to deliver validated and proven digital results, so we built Prize Media on these pillars too. As such it will grow, evolve and develop with time and use. Check back regularly to read more on how our first born product progresses.