BP Contracting Toolkit

Helping BP to write better contracts through engaging resources.

BP Procurment Training


For an organisation as large as BP, procurement plays a strategic and pivotal role in reducing bottom line and improving profitability. It is therefore integral for the procurement team to recognise the importance of contracts and scopes of work to achieve the most efficient sources of supply.

BP needed a set of performance support resources that would explain processes and procedures to procurement staff in a clear, concise and useful way, with an emphasis on quality and consistency of design. 

BP Mobile mock up
24 unique pieces of content designed for digital display as well as print, included within a customised portal

Working collaboratively with BP to translate complex information

We worked in partnership with BP to transform their procedures into engaging and visual training modules that procurement staff would actually enjoy using. We created a sophisticated but simple brand style, versatile enough to be used for motion graphics, PDF guides and a beautiful homepage, including some innovative in-page animation to bring the artwork to life. We designed over 20 guides, two motion graphic videos and a fun quiz to encourage and enhance learning and excellence in this area.

60 bespoke illustrations drawn to represent key concepts
BP illustration

The project consisted of two core elements; design of the site and production of content. The site uses illustrated landscapes in a line art style to give each section its own identity and provide a clean and mobile-friendly interface.

BP Contract Illustration

We also designed an update to an existing quiz which became a part of the project. We continued the same illustrative style to keep a consistent feel amongst all collateral. 

Employees can test their knowledge on their knowledge of their department through several levels which feature different illustrated scenes.

BP infographic

Animation was used in both the main website and in several video resources to bring life and movement. While transition animations are common in modern UI design, we took this a step further and found an innovative way to animate illustrations in a loop, providing a constant but subtle activity without distracting from the content itself. We also adapted these for mobile devices to provide the same great effect at an appropriate size for the screen.

Animations drawn and built to enable smooth playback across all devices