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  • Digital Innovation. Delivered.
Graphite turns big ideas into purposeful digital customer experiences

Digital Innovation For Your  Customer Experience

We help brands by designing, developing, and delivering websites and apps which transform their customer experience.

And we deliver results quickly. Our workflow is focused on delivering the most important things first - making the biggest positive impact, with least cost, as quickly as possible.

Get in touch with your idea, we would be delighted to help you make it happen.

Design Sprint Workshop


Our workflow ensures a strategically-aligned digital experience that's built to achieve your vision.

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Exploration gives you the clarity and confidence to visualise how we'll turn your idea into a valuable end product.

Why not share your idea with us at an Experience Workshop to explore its potential.

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The market doesn't wait for anyone, so we won't waste any time putting your idea into action through rapid prototyping.

With validation from your customers and organisation, you will be confident that your solution is crafted to achieve your vision.

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Winning over customers' hearts and your organisation's trust is only the beginning...

We'll help you with the strategy, design, technology and support to take your digital experience where you want it to be.

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Make a start

Share your idea with us at an Experience Workshop. 

This is where we explore the opportunities in your idea, giving you advice and clarity to fuel your thinking for the next step.