Mercer Harmonise

Show customers their holistic financial picture at a glance.

Mercer dashboard


The Harmonise product gives customers instant access to a wealth of personal & financial information which has previously been costly and time-consuming to obtain. The aim is to give individuals the freedom and knowledge to make informed decisions about their future.

Based on Mercer’s data and insights we were asked to experiment with new ways to create and retain user engagement while creating a more personal experience.  Graphite designed this dynamic dashboard which sits at the centre of the Harmonise platform and allows users to customise and create their own experience. 

As well as accessing personal data, users can discover products and services tailored to them. The dashboard has a notification centre with actions, nudges and reminders to complete outstanding tasks. This makes it more than just an information centre - it becomes a handy tool which users come back to again and again.

Mercer harmonise
The team at Graphite really sought to understand our user’s needs, quickly adapted to our in-house brand guidelines, and worked as a part of our in-house Digital team very well.
Christopher Lomas, Global Digital Leader, Mercer
Mercer Dashboard

A new experience

The existing dashboard was out-dated from a visual perspective and didn’t reflect the needs of the user. With the majority of content being highly confidential, users needed an easy way to hide and show personal information. 

Bold colours and striking infographics lead the user through a series or ‘cards’ containing snippets of data unique to them. The user can rearrange the cards in any order depending on their preference and each card can be expanded to reveal its contents.

Today, everyone is accustomed to high standards of UX and design because of the constant exposure to great digital products and services. Whatever the objective, we know that putting the user first, and paying attention to the visual experience will increase satisfaction and overall success.


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