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We specialise in beautiful, elegant design in digital projects.

Graphite creative capability

Just about every project we do involves some sort of visual design. It’s why brands like BP, Costa and Uniqlo trust us to not just blindly follow their brand but to realise its potential; creating exciting visual experiences at the cutting edge of digital design. 3D, illustration, animation, web design, typesetting - our talented team will raise the game every time.

Even our developers are switched on to the importance of design. No detail escapes their attention, so you can be confident that the mockups you see will be exactly what you get on screen.

Our creative experience

Recent creative projects include working with BP in producing a wide variety of content assets, including rich motion graphics, infographics, PDF articles and more, all closely targeted to the needs of their users and receiving great feedback.

We have also recently collaborated with both Uniqlo and Marvel to promote a clothing line for the latest Captain America movie: Civil War. This involved producing stunning composite imagery fitting both brands in a way that delighted both them and visitors to the digital campaign site we created for them.

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