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What is a Customer Experience Review?

The Customer Experience Review is a tool that we use to help benchmark the current performance of a product or service from a customer point of view. The Graphite team can review your digital journey and measure how well it currently performs for customer experience and engagement by benchmarking your site using a 10-point scorecard. This process takes a collaborative approach based on your current measures. The scorecard can combine measurement of data and analytics alongside observation and heuristic analysis. 

How could your business benefit from a Customer Experience Review?

Providing a delightful customer experience is an essential part of business success. The Customer Experience Review can provide a real competitive advantage. An Econsultancy Digital Trends report states that top performing companies are 50% more likely to have well designed user journeys that facilitate clear communication and seamless transactions. The review will highlight key areas of improvement to the digital products that exist at the centre of your customer experience. The approach provides a better experiences for customers so that they are more likely to convert, and more likely to acquire products and services in the future.

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84% of organisations working to improve CX have experienced an increase in revenue.

Dimension Data

The review often incorporates: 


Data-driven view of how successfully users can complete key tasks


Automated tests to analyse the speed and efficiency of websites and apps. We monitor performance and deliver real-time and trending data using tools like New Relic.  


Analysis of user behaviour on-site using user research sessions, analytics and users online behaviour captured via tools like Hotjar.

User Feedback

Set up of direct feedback loops to capture real-time customer sentiment


Reporting against the rate of which users complete key desired goals 

Visual Audit

Heuristic Analysis of your products and services by user experience and user interface experts. Our experts assess user journeys based on its compliance with recognised usability principles. The review prioritises areas to address. 


Assessment of overall user base, growth rate and trends.


Reviewing digital products against the WCAG standards for accessibility.


Overall reliability and resilience of your technical infrastructure

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There is a retention rate of 92% among companies with a well-crafted customer service approach.


Timing: 5-10 days

Deliverables: Report of analysis & findings with recommendations for reporting and improved CX with a priority checklist for improvements of ‘high impact’ areas. The report also includes accessibility overview and recommendations. 

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