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The importance of CX

Customer experience is a key priority and focus for every business. Your website should allow your customers to complete their intentions with ease. Customer experience is proven to lead to an increase in conversion, retention and loyalty.

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84% of organisations working to improve CX have experienced an increase in revenue.

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What to expect from a Customer Experience Audit with Graphite Digital

We will audit your entire front-end website and measure how well it currently performs for customer experience and engagement by benchmarking your site using a 10-point scorecard. The scorecard combines measurement of data and analytics alongside observation and heuristic analysis.

When we begin working with a new client we begin by using the data and reporting available to create a baseline using the below indicators:

Customer experience audit chart
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There is a retention rate of 92% among companies with a well-crafted customer service approach.


Key Criteria


Data driven view of how successfully users can complete key tasks


Automated tests to analyse speed and efficiency of web apps 


Analysis of user behaviour and how frequently they visit the site  

User Feedback

Set up of direct feedback loops to capture real time customer sentiment


Reporting against the rate of which users complete key desired goals 

Visual Audit

Expert analysis of your products and services by our user experience design team


Assessment of overall user base, growth rate, and trends 


Ensuring your site meets and exceeds the basic standards for accessibility


How your digital product contributes to your overall business performance


Overall reliability and resilience of your infrastructure 

What are the outputs from the CX audit?

Our team will present your score and make recommendations for improvement to both reporting and customer experiences. We can work with you to monitor performance on a regular basis to measure the impact of changes. Outputs include:

  • Documentation of all our findings and analysis

  • A checklist of priorities that can be presented back to key stakeholders within your business with recommendations around ‘high impact areas’.

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