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Customer Experience Audit & Scorecard

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How well are your customer experiences currently being delivered? 

Our team will help you measure your current offering using a 10 point scorecard that combines measurement of data and analytics alongside observation and heuristic analysis.

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Data Signals

Our team will work directly with your analytics or with your in-house team to read a series of data signals to give an indication of how well your digital journeys are performing. The signals we will review include the following:

Usability - Effectiveness/Efficiency

Using analytics we will review users completed tasks and any errors within tasks completed online via mobile or desktop.


Tracking the level of user involvement with a product or journey over time.


Tracking conversion against KPI’s and competitors where possible. Identifying the number of users that complete a ‘golden’ path or key ‘moment of truth’ experience in the journey.


Retention rate and usage over time.


Cross channel analysis

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Observations & heuristic analysis

Our team will use customer feedback, heuristic analysis and other observations to provide qualitative feedback and a number of points for a measure of improvement.


We will use tools that assess the performance of your web pages according to best practice design guidelines. Google Lighthouse is an example tool we will use for this analysis.

User Feedback

User research on different scales according to needs to rate each touchpoint.

Visual Audit

Using one of our design experts we will review touch-points along the user journey using heuristic analysis.


We will rate digital touch-points along the journey according to WCAG standards.

Reliability & Resilience

We’ll observe various data measures to consider the reliability of your digital experience including, but not limited to load times and uptime.

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