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Design Partnerships

Design starts with people, and we strive to achieve a positive impact, through our human-centred design process. We partner with enterprise-level clients to work together. We often work alongside technology teams, marketing or product teams or internal design teams. Together, we create next generation experiences. We have experience of creating scalable design systems for big businesses. Every project we work on involves user experience and visual design. 

What a Design Partnership with Graphite includes:

User Experience. People are at the centre of everything we do. Happy and engaged customers mean better business opportunities. We use quantitative and qualitative data, alongside design thinking to help inform decisions. We work together to understand customers, and we use design sprints to define goals. We map customer journeys and work with you to ideate and improve them. We test and prototype to create better experiences for all. 

Design Systems. We can create pattern libraries, design systems, supporting documentation and training materials for internal teams and agencies. 

User Interfaces. We focus on users visual experience and interaction, and we are consistent with platform guidelines. We think carefully about how we craft each button, symbol and icon. We strive to achieve the perfect balance between simple and beautiful.

Timing: Bespoke. We’ll take time to understand your needs and create a monthly retainer. 

Deliverables: A team of talented designers that can work with you as an extension of your team on an ongoing basis.

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