Mvp 52X

Minimum Viable
Product (MVP)

  • Graphite Capability

Realisation of a viable, market-ready product or feature. Ready for piloting and subsequent adoption by the business. Designed, developed and deployed in three months.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Even when an innovative idea feels right, some individuals within the organisation will need some convincing. Other organisations jump in with two feet, and find out later that there isn't customer demand, or business acceptance.

Creation of a Minimum Viable Product (or MVP) provides an ideal middle-ground. In just 3 months it is possible to create an experience which delivers maximum value to a customer and the business in the time available - expressing the vision in a visually rich and technically functional product.

Your Vision, Our Velocity

The outcome of this is confidence and support from senior stakeholders and qualitative and quantitative feedback from your target audience, so you know how it is likely to be received in-market.

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