Optimise your digital products with a UX health check

Do you want to improve your website or digital product, but are not sure where to start or how to prioritise for maximum impact? A UX health check can help.

It provides a quick and affordable audit of your digital product to identify key areas where enhancements can be made. 

Balancing UX best practice with regulatory constraints, we'll provide a prioritised list of suggestions to improve engagement, usability and feature utilisation. 

How can it help you?

A UX health check offers a quick and inexpensive way to provide feedback on your digital product to inform future design or development decisions — either at the early stages of the product design process, or as a method of continuous improvement for existing products. 

  • You’ll get insights and actionable next steps quickly — a UX health check can typically be completed in weeks. 
  • Provides a clear, prioritised roadmap for what your organisation needs to do next in regards to creating or making changes to your digital product.
  • Affordable — less expensive than sourcing user participants for more in-depth UX research. 
  • Avoids the difficulties in getting direct access to patients or HCPs that may come up with other forms of research. 
  • Approvable — the process doesn’t carry the potential practical, ethical or regulatory considerations that may arise when talking directly to users. 
  • As general or specific as you need — can focus on all aspects of your digital product, or evaluate with a specific business aim in mind, such as improving accessibility or utlisation of a certain feature. 
  • Can be combined with other user research methods to gain even richer insight into users' experiences and needs. 

A UX Health Check may also be known as an Heuristic Evaluation, UX Audit, Heuristic Analysis or UX Review.

Working on laptops evaluating a digital product

The process 

Heuristics are a set of guidelines that aid in the creation of a good interface design for any given digital product or service.  It involves an expert evaluator or set of evaluators giving an overall review of the usability of a product, searching for any issues within the interface according to predefined usability principles, i.e. the heuristics. 

Phase 1: Planning 

Identify target audience and establish key user goals and journeys. Agree top priority pages and functionality, and define most appropriate heuristics to measure against. 

Phase 2: Execution 

A UX expert will work through your digital product page by page, recording violations to heuristic principles. A list of problems are drawn up and categorised into Critical, High and Low priority based on perceived impact to your users. 

Phase 3: Summary and playback 

A comprehensive overview of findings is provided for you to move forward with. The findings will also be played back in a session with the UX expert who carried out the health check to provide context and ensure shared understanding of the outcomes. 

New to Graphite?  

We collaborate with healthcare and pharmaceutical organisations around the world to deepen customer connection and improve ROI by creating meaningful digital experiences. 

Our team takes a truly user-centric approach to all that we do, utilising our in-house clinical UX research team to conduct many forms of research with patients and HCPs on behalf of our clients. 

We’ve been trusted leading healthcare and pharmaceutical organisations for over 12 years. Our clients include Amryt Pharma, NHS, Novo Nordisk, Pfizer, Vhi Healthcare, and others. 

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