BP Advance Learning Portal

A personal learning and development experience for BP Graduates.

BP learning portal Ipad


BP wanted to create a transformative digital product that would make the Graduate scheme more effective by helping them navigate the organisation and develop their skills and abilities.

Graphite designed a beautiful, responsive portal that put the needs of the graduates at the forefront. On arrival, customers are greeted with personalised recommendations of learning resources based on their individual training needs. The site features a library of targeted videos, infographics, guides and articles on topics hand-picked to be most valuable to the audience, as well as gamification and powerful social search features.

The project went on to become one of BP's most admired digital products, attracting an audience far greater than the Graduates it was initially designed for.

Advance is a fresh, nice way to think about capability and performance
BP Graduate

The Experience

The experience was designed to aid graduates wherever they are - at their desk looking for tips on preparing for a meeting or on the train and reading about the latest industry trends. The site has been optimised to work operate on mobile, table and desktop, allowing graduates to get the resources they need whenever they need them.

BP learning portal dials

We introduced a number of visual symbols which encapsulate the ideas behind the BP Advance platform. A spectacular landscape is intended to represent the career stretching out in front of the individual, with continuing undulations and mountains in the distance representing greater opportunities to come.

The images were selected for both symbolism and visual appeal with their rich natural colours. A 3D net overlay symbolises a blueprint of the landscape, indicating that BP Advance will provide supporting information in order to assist the individual on their career journey.

I love the layout, great design easy to navigate. Wish all BP websites were like this.
BP Graduate
BP portal infographic

Content Design

We also produced artwork for several infographic resources, bringing data to life to help graduates understand their working environment and gain practical insight into how to improve their day-to-day performance.

We would particularly like to praise Graphite for their impressive designs, page layouts and we love the infographics!
Director of Learning, Innovation & Technology

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