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Higgidy website design and development- Enhancing the digital customer experience

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A new website in line with the new Higgidy branding

Project Objectives


Higgidy approached us with their new branding and the need for a new website to reflect their new identity inspired by the product’s natural qualities, while also improving their CMS and creating added value for their users.

The existing Higgidy site was tricky to manage, and didn’t provide all of the editing and customisation options that the team needed in order to make the most of their digital marketing. We were tasked with creating a site that allowed Higgidy to add new products and promotions on the fly while showcasing their idea of “The Beauty of Imperfection” found in their beautiful and eclectic branding.

We wanted to extend the customer experience of the Higgidy world, going from product and packaging to digital without ever losing the ‘Higgidyness’. We created a relationship between products and recipes to support busy parents and make it a breeze for the marketing team to manage the website.

Provided Services

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I’ve been so impressed with Graphite’s approach; they have taken time to understand our business, helped define our digital strategy and created a site which not only showcases the product beautifully but also extends and develops the visual identity of our brand beyond our packaging.

Joe Marshall - Brand Manager at Higgidy

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The beauty of imperfection

Throughout our design process, the challenge was to create the maximum brand impact with the minimum required maintenance from the administrators. Templates had to work well across all devices to reduce inconsistency in the user experience. All the while maintaining the brand vibrancy and exciting vitality.

We looked at key visual cues that could be transposed to the digital world as well as making the most of the beautiful photography. Higgidy is a people’s brand, focusing on the experience of eating together as a family; to immerse the visitor in Higgidy’s values we feature their new brand video on the homepage to connect customers with the brand.

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Future-proof Drupal 8 solution

Accessibility was a really important factor to consider when producing the site and as such we’ve made sure the new site works beautifully across all devices. From lazy laid back browsing on the sofa at home on your iPad, to quickly checking product details in the supermarket on your iPhone - we’ve got them covered.

The website is built on Drupal 8, a powerful content management system which allows Higgidy to communicate with its customers in a flexible and consistent way.

Drupal’s configurable approach allows Higgidy to have control over all the areas they need in order to deliver high-quality content, all via a simple to use and easy to understand interface that gives the right balance of control and potential for further expansion.

We’ve worked hard to create a future-proof solution that will allow us to deliver a roadmap of exciting new features and campaigns over the coming years.

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