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Helping users understand the importance of financial resilience.

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Mercer is one of the world’s largest HR consultancies and is revolutionising the world of personal finance. Together, we created a new product which will help users think about their financial situation, and explore, through simulated scenarios how they might tackle unexpected financial challenges.

Creating MVPs to better understand our users

We understand that to make a successful product, the focus must largely be shifted towards the user. We believe in creating something quickly and efficiently to better understand behaviour and collect data early on. This is not only cost-effective for our clients, but it also makes for a better product in the long run as we then have the insight on exactly what must be improved and validated. 

Our user-centric approach has made this project and many others a great success, allowing us to continue developing and shaping products in new and exciting ways.

Mercer Money Game

A month in your financial life

In collaboration with Mercer’s experts, we created 10 scenarios and 4 characters with typical finance situations. Once the user has selected a relatable character, a scenario will be picked at random. During each scenario, the user will be confronted with 10 different moments highlighting key financial decisions during a typical month. The user will have to make decisions based on ongoing data (income, savings, daily expenses and even debts) and those decisions can sometimes have an impact later on in your journey (for example when selecting travel insurance).

After each step, the user is asked to rate how they feel about that decision. At the end of their journey, they are presented with an ‘emotional’  timeline and how they’ve managed the whole story, helping them understand the importance of financial resilience.

Mercer Money Game
The buzz was really good around the stands. The people using it were really impacted by the game and it made the point very clearly about having savings for unexpected events, even if they may not all happen in 30 days :)
Chris Lomas, Mercer Global Digital Leader
Mercer Money Game personas
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Mercer Money game Ipad Screen
Mercer Money game Ipad Screen
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