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Bringing clear customer and business benefits to the forefront when launching a new feature on a global-scale digital health care product

Product Objectives


The Pfizer for Professionals portal is a key tool used by Pfizer to communicate with and support healthcare professionals around the world as they prescribe Pfizer products.

When we launched a brand new feature that gave local marketers extra tools to engage with HCPs. We needed to quickly onboard a diverse set of stakeholders to the new way of working and help them get the most from the product - video was the perfect tool!

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The power of data-driven storytelling

The Pfizer for Professionals team are in constant conversation with the global community of brand managers who maintain the product at a local level.

In the early stages of our work to promote the new features available in this release of the Portal it was clear that most brand managers weren’t aware of many of the product benefits and were not fully engaged with what it was possible to achieve. We needed to get this story out there by showing, rather than telling the team what could be created, as storytelling is the best way to instantly be heard and understood.

We developed a creative approach that centred on having brand managers share their own perspectives highlighting the key business and customer benefits that a new and improved portal would bring in their own words and tone of voice, thus making it easy for their colleagues to empathise and understand.

We created 3 videos: the first being a teaser for early internal comms highlighting what was coming soon, combining snippets from our other videos. The other two videos were tailored to showcase user benefits from a their own perspective and the business benefits from a brand manager’s perspective.

Graphite is a key partner for Pfizer eMCM [...] Their user focus, product insight, design thinking and creative capability complement our strategy perfectly, and together we will create more and more value for our customers and our business on a global scale.

Michelle Killick - Director & Global Channel Lead, Enterprise Multi-Channel Marketing at Pfizer

Everything in the videos was made to make our viewers proud to work on the Pfizer for Professionals Portal and excited about the future. We achieved this by featuring the human aspects of the interview as strongly as possible, aided beautifully with animated illustrations from Tilly at Running for Crayons to provide context and reinforce key messages.

Transforming HCP relationships through digital innovation

The successful launch of the new release for Pfizer for Professionals was based on:

1. Data driven storytelling

It’s all in the data, recurring patterns and comments appear in the research phase – this gives you foundations to tell a strong story that people are more likely to relate to. Data doesn't lie.

2. Internal comms doesn’t need to be boring

It’s a cliche that internal comms (particularly in pharma) has to be boring. Too many companies fall into this mindset and develop internal communications around their products that have no impact at all. Studying current trends – regardless of what niche you are in – will give you the insights you need to create a digital experience that people will want to engage with.

3. A well-thought-out strategy

An idea is one thing, a strategy is another: It would have been easier to make just the one video but the impact wouldn’t have been the same. Stories are powerful. We needed each story to speak to its audience clearly to make the strongest impact possible.

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