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Providing accurate Pfizer product information and services to doctors everywhere.

Project Objectives


Pfizer Health Care Professional Portal

Pfizer is one of the largest Pharmaceutical companies in the world. Offering hundreds of products to millions of Health Care Professionals, they needed a way to share important product safety and dosing information with ease.

Graphite designed a fully responsive website with templates that are capable of configuration to accommodate a variety of market needs, from multiple languages to stringent legal regulations variations across borders.

Provided Services

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Keeping things clean and simple

The site brings together content and services from many internal websites in one place. With so many products, regional variations and services, a consistent and easy to understand structure was essential. 

Despite the hidden complexity, the site retains a clean and clear feel, able to portray both Pfizer’s overall brand and product branding dependent on the context of the page, and the requirements from the Marketing Managers in that region.

By designing the site to be responsive across screen sizes and devices, the new site opens up new possibilities for Health Care Professionals who are constantly on the move, giving them access to the answers and services they need wherever they are.

Websites launched in over 30 different markets worldwide
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With Pfizer providing the Health Care Professional portal to markets around the world, we also provided guidance on how to tailor the website for their differing needs and digital marketing strategies. This included creating alternative homepages with a greater emphasis on news and promoted content.