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Enhancing the PSA Finance customer journey

Product Objectives


PSA Finance offers car finance and insurance solutions to customers who wish to purchase Peugeot, Citroen or DS branded cars. 

We were approached to help PSA communicate their new brand and value proposition. Educating new and existing PSA customers to help reduce customer’s stress and call volumes to their call centres - PSA Finance is the result of two brands recently merging into one, our underlined objective was also to create a single online presence to replace the two previous websites which were disjointed and confusing. 

Simplicity and flexibility were key considerations for this project, allowing the client to add custom landing pages and update content.

Provided Services

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A Simplified Journey

The customer journey was of highest importance for this project. A new, simplified journey would reduce the number of convoluted journeys that users were currently experiencing. 

We carefully balanced the UX to ensure that both new and existing users could get to the content that mattered to them - whether that be logging into their online account or finding out more information about PSA’s products and services.

Ui Elements

Modular Design System

We created a modular design system which means elements on each page can be added or taken away via the CMS (Drupal 8).

Alongside this, flexible and vibrant UI make the website versatile enough to house a wide range of content without ever looking unfinished or broken - on any device.

Jumping into any kind of financial commitment can be stressful. PSA’s users would often fall back to calling their call center for answers. In our mission to reduce calls to PSA’s call center, every page features the most-searched FAQs, helping users on their journey to understand their situation.

The homepage has a clear explanation of the finance process and three of PSA’s latest products which can be skim-read or explored in more detail. Users can also quickly find similar products as they browse through the product pages via the ‘Related Products’ module. These features aim to encourage discoverability and user engagement.

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