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Our favourite health tech podcasts

Offering fresh perspectives on the latest in health, technology, and digital innovation, we pull together a list of some of our favourite podcasts.
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27 August 21
  • Healthcare

Podcasts are a great way for keeping up to date with news and trends across the fast-moving health technology space. They offer varied perspectives on the latest in healthcare, technology, and digital innovation across the sector and beyond. 

Check out some of the Graphite team's current favourites below. 

The Healthtech Podcast

The Healthtech Podcast, presented by Dr. James Somauroo, covers the latest in health and technology through interviews with disruptive health tech startups and leaders. Episodes come in two formats — extended interviews of around 40 mins in length, and short 5 - 10 minute ‘Quick Tips’ where guests share their crucial tips for success in health tech with listeners. 

Host, Dr James Somauroo,began his medical career as a doctor, before pursuing his interest in innovation and technology within the sector in various roles working for the BMJ, DigitalHealth.London and Forbes. In 2020, he founded his own health tech marketing agency, SomX.  

The Healthtech Podcast content is relevant for patients, start-up founders, investors or healthcare professionals, or simply those with an interest in the latest health and technology sector news. 

Listen for:

  • Insight from industry innovators and change-makers 
  • Easily digestible and applicable tips for success 

Digital Health Today 360

Digital Health Today 360 aims to appeal to the health leaders and transformers of today, who work tirelessly to change the current paradigms of health and wellness. The podcast features a varied range of guests

Podcast host, Dan Kendall, has 20 years experience as a business leader within the health sector. In the show, he covers topics including Personalized Health and Medicine, AI and Machine Learning, Telemedicine and Remote Monitoring, and Wellness and Longevity. 

It is 1 of 4 podcasts run by Digital Health Today — a healthcare community that publish podcasts and other online content whose mission is to “share knowledge, stories and insights from the most inspiring and passionate experts in the rapidly developing field of digital health”. Their other podcasts include “Femtech Edition: with Jen Lannon“ and “Digital Therapeutics Edition: with Eugene Borukovich”.

Listen for:

  • Fresh ideas and perspectives
  • Championing innovators in healthcare 

Faces of Digital Health Podcast 

Faces of Digital Health is a podcast about digital health and how healthcare systems adopt technologies. It aims to satisfy curiosity about different cultures, identify barriers to success in different countries and find answers and advice for accelerating the success of digital health entrepreneurs globally. 

The podcast is hosted by Tjasa Zajc — a former healthcare journalist with a passion for digital health. She is interested in exploring how different cultures and people approach the complexities of healthcare around the world. 

Many recent podcast episodes feature conversations around the topics addressed in their recently released (June 2021) documentary, (Over)dose, which asks “how can we prevent medication errors?”. The film explores the current challenges and technical solutions related to medication safety and raises awareness about the need to further improve medication-related patient safety

Listen for:

  • A global outlook with varied perspectives 
  • Impactful conversations 

Digital Health Unplugged

Digital Health Unplugged brings its audience the latest in NHS IT and digital technology news. Run by industry news publication and networking organisation, the podcast, hosted by Senior Reporter at Digital Health, Andrea Downey, examines the top headlines and issues across the world of the digital NHS. 

With new episodes released fortnightly, the podcast features panel discussions from industry leaders and debriefings from the Digital Health news team. Recent titles include “Does data save lives?’, “Diversity in Digital Leadership”, and “Which way for digital transformation?” 

Listen for:

  • Up-to-date news on digital innovation and technology in the NHS 
  • In-depth discussions of practical solutions that are already having an impact

Big Picture Medicine 

Hosted by Dr Mustafa Sultan, a practicing junior doctor, the Big Picture Medicine podcast seeks to address the question “what’s the future of medicine?” through speaking to the trailblazers who are shaping it. 

It features insights into med-tech, practical advice on bringing an idea into fruition, and discussions of habits that have made leaders in the field successful. 

Recent podcast guests include Chief Medical Officer at AstraZeneca, Dr. Ann Taylor, CEO of Luma Health, Adnan Iqbal, and Editor-in-Chief of the British Medical Journal, Dr. Fiona Godlee. Topics of conversation are varied, thought-provoking, and highly relevant. 

Listen for:

  • Thoughtful interview style and varied range of exciting guests 
  • Inspiring healthcare professionals to pursue innovation

MedTech Talk Podcast

The MedTech Talk podcast was founded by the host of the MedTech Conference which is held annually as an opportunity for healthcare professionals, innovators, investors, and executives in the US to get together to discuss the latest sector issues and opportunities. 

Podcast host, Geoff Pardo, began his career in medical devices as a product manager before moving into the investment side of the industry and is currently a partner at  EU-based Gilde Healthcare. He holds interesting and entertaining conversations with the innovators who will change how healthcare is delivered. 

Episodes vary in format and include case studies, personal career stories, debates on hot topics within the sector, along with actionable insights and ‘how tos’. With 162 episodes available on iTunes across a staggering range of topics, you’re guaranteed to find something that interests and inspires you. 

Listen for:

  • Actionable insights and practical advice 
  • Well-rounded interviews and entertaining hosting 

The You + AI Podcast

The You+AI Podcast features conversations with the people who are leading the change at the intersection of Healthcare and Artificial Intelligence. They discuss their experiences and the challenges they have encountered and explore where AI may drive the most impact.

Episodes are hosted by Rangaprasad Sampath, an engineer, technologist, and AI-enthusiast based in Bangalore, India. His big idea behind the podcast is to invite guests from the worlds of both tech and healthcare to help technologists know what problems to solve, and healthcare practitioners know how technologies like AI can help to drive better patient outcomes.

Recent titles include “Leading the way with digital therapeutics”, “Drug discovery with AI” and “A realist’s perspective on AI in healthcare”. 

Listen for:

  • Representation of voices from the worlds of AI, tech and healthcare 
  • Passionate host with wide-ranging interests and skills

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