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UX Audits for Websites and Digital Products

If you want to improve your website or digital product, but are not sure where to start or how to prioritise for maximum impact, a UX audit is the perfect starting point.

Working to established usability principles, our expert UX researchers will audit your digital tools to quickly identify areas for improvement.

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A full or partial audit of your website, app or digital product to highlight usability issues and improvement opportunities, conducted using the most appropriate research methods for you. 


A quick, affordable and flexible way of gaining insight and identifying ways to enhance the digital experience for your patients, HCPs, or customers. 

Typical research methods

We’ll evaluate the user experience of your website, app or digital product against a set of predetermined heuristics in order to highlight issues and opportunities.

Learn more about heuristic analysis.

We’ll research the competitive landscape within your specific problem or product area to understand what already exists and identify opportunities for differentiation.

A full review and analysis of any existing relevant user research that has already taken place to identify gaps and opportunities and highlight any actionable insights.

Full analysis and synthesis of research to make sense of the data and provide actionable insights that allow your product design and development to move forward.

We’ll identify areas for improvement to ensure your digital product offers an equivalent experience to all users, regardless of additional needs.

Learn more about accessibility assessment.

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