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A specialist UX research agency for digital pharma and healthcare

We collaborate with clients to deepen audience understanding through user research in order to create digital products and services that resonate and improve engagement.

By fully understanding your end users — whether patients, HCPs, or customers — we can ensure that your digital products are always aligned to their needs, leaving no room for doubt when it comes to making design and development decisions.

Experienced in conducting UX research in a highly regulated environment, we offer a range of flexible user research services to suit your individual timeframe, budget and goals. 

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Our outcome-focused approach to UX research

Actionable insight

We'll gather first-hand customer insight to establish what your users want and need, then convert this into actionable, practical solutions.

Creating value

We help our clients to create real value through research-driven, evidence-based, and user-centric digital design.

Specialist teams

Our teams of specialists include clinical UX researchers, UX and UI designers, and digital product strategists. 

Who we are

We work with organisations that play a valuable role in improving people’s lives and health. For over a decade, our clients have turned to us for our combination of digital expertise and market-leading sector knowledge.

Some recent projects have included:

  • UX research with patients and HCPs
  • Digital customer experience design for healthcare and pharma
  • Global HCP website and portal design 
  • Patient engagement platform research and design

With our clients, we’ve designed websites, apps, design systems, and digital tools that have improved experiences for millions of users.

Our teams of creatives and strategists will help turn your ideas into a digital reality.

Improve patient or HCP engagement

By creating innovative digital products, tools and services that put their needs first. 

An iterative approach to product design

Our insight-driven design and lean workflow means testing and learning quickly, then scaling proven solutions.

Experience across multiple therapy areas

Including oncology, diabetes, haematology, rare disease, and vaccines, as well as consumer healthcare

Graphite is a key partner for us. Their user focus, product insight, design thinking and creative capability complement our strategy perfectly, and together we will create more and more value for our customers and our business on a global scale.

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