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Information Architecture Optimisation & Testing

Test your information architecture and design concepts to determine the best way of structuring and labelling content to maximise discoverability and engagement.

You’ll gain insight and understanding in order to make life easier for your users, and achieve your business goals.

IA optimisation

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Testing is conducted with real target users to better understand how they navigate your website, app or other digital product, with findings shared as a list of actionable improvements.


A fast and affordable way to identify where improvements can be made to the structure of your digital product to ensure your user can easily access information, content and features.

Typical research methods

A method of evaluating the hierarchy and general findability of your digital product by asking target users to complete a series of tasks using a simplified version of your structure.

Uncover what your real target users think about content and placement in order to display yours in a way that aligns with their thought processes and expectations.

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