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Pharma and Healthcare User Research | Graphite Digital

Deepen user understanding through discovery-based research to improve the impact of your digital tools and services in healthcare and pharma.

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First-hand research is carried out with your target user group, before findings and actionable insights are presented back to you, enabling you to move forward and make informed decisions.


Gain a better understanding of your users’ needs, wants, and behaviours in order to create digital products and services that will resonate and improve engagement.

The process


Building understanding of your research objectives and the wider context of your digital product and audience. Research aims and scope defined, methods agreed, and a plan created.


Appropriate participants from your target user groups are recruited and screened before interviews or testing sessions are set up.


Our specialist clinical UX researchers will carry out first-hand research, either virtually or in-person to suit your requirements.


Analysed research findings and insights are presented back to you and a written report is provided, before a plan is agreed for the next steps.

Typical research methods

Gather insights on user perceptions, attitudes, needs, and pain points through in-depth one-to-one interviews conducted by our clinical UX researchers.

Gain longitudinal, in-the-moment responses from participants that generate rich data about their contexts, behaviours, needs, and goals.

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A full review and analysis of any existing relevant user research that has already taken place to identify gaps and opportunities and highlight any actionable insights.

A set of agreed questions sent to a targeted group of users to probe their needs, attitudes and preferences. A quick and inexpensive way to obtain user insight.

Full analysis and synthesis of research to make sense of the data and provide actionable insights that allow your product design and development to move forward.

Asking your users about your concepts and ideas before build or launch to gauge their acceptance of new designs or features. Allows for in-depth insights into different aspects of your idea at an early stage.

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