Rapid Prototyping

We help you to quickly design and create a viable prototype of your digital product that can be tested with users and shared with your colleagues and regulatory teams.

What is rapid prototyping? 

Rapid prototyping involves quickly building a tangible prototype of your digital product or service at an early stage in the product design and development process. 

Embracing human-centred design techniques and user research, we create an early working version of products, features, ideas, and experiences. The prototype will look and feel just like the end product, but with limited functionality. 

Why should you embrace rapid prototyping? 

Creation of a prototype makes it possible to create an experience which delivers value to a customer and the business in a short amount of time. It allows you to express the end vision in a visually rich, clickable format that will enhance shared understanding of your vision or idea. 

A prototype can be the perfect launchpad for further phases of product development and investment. The process of repeat ideation and testing allows you to validate ideas, products and features with customers quickly. It helps to accelerate product development with a reduced implementation cost. 

Even when an innovative idea seems right, it’s important not to make a big investment and find out later that there isn't customer demand, or business acceptance, of a feature or product. 

A prototype allows you to make a smaller investment into a product that can test before a fully-fledged product is launched. It is vital to understand your customer's needs and wants and gain stakeholder support when creating a digital product.

Prototype wireframes

Our approach 

Our approach is tailored based on your requirements to ensure that we capture the most actionable data that can be used to inform your product roadmap. 

The results from a prototype can strengthen a business case to create a full version of the product and convince senior decision-makers to see value in your idea. 

We use many different tools and processes for prototyping, but InVision is one of our favourites. InVision allows us to take designs from Sketch and let users click through different states or pages.  

Rapid Prototyping

  • Deliverables

    A viable prototype of your digital product or service based on user needs and wants, which can be shared with your regulatory and internal teams and put straight into the hands of your users.

  • Benefits

    A tangible experience at an early stage in the design process helps develop a shared internal understanding of your long-term vision and accelerates product development with minimal time and budget investment.

Design of app prototypes