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Usability Testing for Healthcare and Pharma

Usability testing focuses on how easily a customer can interact with your digital product and complete the task they set out to achieve. You’ll gain understanding, clarity and confidence to enable you to design a better digital experience for your patients, HCPs or customers.

User research usability testing

Service details


Healthcare usability testing sessions are carried out before analysed findings are presented back to you as a prioritised list of actionable improvements to implement across your digital product.


Gain a better understanding of your users' needs and behaviours in order to improve usability, engagement and the overall digital customer experience. 

The process

Planning and setup

The aims and scope of the research are defined and methods are agreed. A detailed research plan is created and shared, and all documentation is created.

Participant recruitment

Appropriate user research participants are recruited and screened before interviews are scheduled.

Usability testing sessions

Our Clinical UX researchers will facilitate the usability testing sessions, either virtually or in person. 

Data analysis

Interview data is analysed by Clinical UX Researcher to identify patterns, themes and key findings.

Findings and playback

Comprehensive research findings are played back. Challenges and opportunities relevant to the brief are identified, and a written research report is provided.

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