Turning your ideas into a digital reality


Doctors and patients sit and talk. At the table near the window in the hospital.

A diverse pool of creatives and strategists with a shared ethos and approach. 

We’re dedicated to purpose-driven projects that result in a positive, measurable impact on people’s health and wellbeing. Our clients turn to us for our combination of digital expertise and extensive sector knowledge and understanding. 

Our teams — strategists, user researchers, designers, project managers — have been partnering with healthcare and pharmaceutical organisations for more than 10 years. Together we’ve designed and delivered successful websites, mobile applications, design systems, digital tools and services that have improved experiences for millions of customers all over the world. 

A photo of the Graphite team collaborating with clients. 7 people sit around a table in a bright room

Dedicated client squads

We’re committed to you and to making things happen, and we do this with no drama and no fuss. Our dedicated ‘squad’ teams, made up of both strategic and design experts, are completely focused on you and curated with you in mind. They function as an extension of your in-house team who know your challenges inside out. 

Learn more about our squad model and why it works.

A partnership approach 

We know what we’re good at and stick to what we do best. The areas we work in and the problems we tackle with our clients are far-reaching, and often challenging. Solving them involves collaborating with many individuals, departments, markets, partners, and stakeholders. We’re the glue between people and teams, working to keep everyone aligned to the one goal with a shared understanding and confidence. We’re in it together.

Supporting you to enable innovation 

We know that championing digital innovation in an often change-averse environment is no easy feat. The way we work —  ensuring that decisions are always evidence-based and creating tangible, testable prototypes at an early stage — will enhance shared understanding of your long-term vision amongst colleagues and stakeholders. We can support you in communicating your ideas and defining your business case.

Truth in our work

When it comes to creating meaningful digital customer experiences, our core belief is that you must truly understand your user. We act as the voice of the HCP or patient to make sure your priorities are the right ones. Making no assumptions leaves no room for doubt. We then convert research into actionable insight and practical, scalable solutions that will resonate and result in a deeper connection between you and your audiences, across markets.

Our people

We’re a company of individual experts working in collaboration with our clients, their teams across markets and partners to improve digital customer experiences.