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First impressions matter: Why getting your onboarding right is key for digital engagement

The pharmaceutical industry, with its stringent regulations, demands that healthcare professionals (HCPs) often have to navigate complex onboarding processes to access digital platforms. While this is a universal requirement, our work with clients and research conducted amongst HCPs reveal alarming drop-out rates and frustrations.

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by Ed Hart
15 February 24
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Originally posted in Pharmaphorum:

As pharma organisations invest extensively in creating engaging content, the onboarding process must not be overlooked. Seamless onboarding is the key to ensuring that HCPs not only meet regulatory standards, but also engage with the digital resources provided.

This article aims to guide pharma teams in prioritising onboarding, showcasing the missed opportunities and the potential for building a more seamless and enriching digital engagement experience for HCPs.

Demonstrating your value proposition

To motivate HCPs to provide their data and complete the required steps in your onboarding process, it’s important to demonstrate the benefits they will gain from doing so.

Understanding that providing personal data is a transactional process is crucial. HCPs are more likely to share information if they perceive tangible value in return. The onboarding process must focus on creating a positive first impression, employing the right messaging, and clearly articulating the benefits HCPs can expect. This instils confidence in HCPs that their engagement is not just for regulatory compliance, but a pathway to valuable resources and opportunities.

Beyond the onboarding process, supporting activities such as targeted email campaigns and interactions with representatives plays a pivotal role. These reinforce the value proposition, reminding HCPs of the benefits tied to their engagement. This ongoing communication is essential for building a lasting relationship beyond the initial registration.

Creating a positive user experience

Optimising UX and testing with users

A positive user experience (UX) is essential for successful onboarding. Optimising UX involves streamlining processes, reducing friction, and enhancing user satisfaction. Conducting usability tests with actual users helps identify pain points, ensuring that the onboarding process is not just functional, but also intuitive and user-friendly.

Modernising processes and utilising technology

Modernising onboarding processes involves adopting contemporary design principles and leveraging technology. User-friendly interfaces, artificial intelligence, and automation streamline the journey. One innovative approach gaining traction is the adoption of passwordless login systems.

Traditional login processes often involve complex password requirements, leading to user frustration and the potential for security vulnerabilities. Passwordless login eliminates these issues by leveraging alternative authentication methods, such as biometrics, one-time codes, or email links. This not only enhances security, but also simplifies the onboarding process for HCPs.

Meeting local market needs

Acknowledging the diverse global landscape of healthcare systems is critical. One-size-fits-all approaches are inadequate. Tailoring onboarding processes to meet local market needs ensures that HCPs can navigate the platform seamlessly, reducing frustration and optimising engagement. Localisation goes beyond language — it involves understanding the unique requirements and nuances of different healthcare systems.

Efficiency and self-service

Efficiency is paramount in the onboarding process. Reducing the need for external support and enabling self-service options for common issues, such as login problems or account management, empowers HCPs. Providing the tools for self-sufficiency not only enhances the user experience, but also minimises potential roadblocks to engagement.

What could the future of HCP registration look like?

Envisioning the future involves speculating on a unified system — a centralised database or login system accessible across platforms. In Germany, DocCheck leans towards this centralised login system, but only at a single market level.

While such a global system may not exist currently, the potential benefits, including streamlined access and reduced duplication of efforts, offers the sector something to aspire to and encourages organisations to consider possibilities for a more interconnected future.

In an ideal scenario, the onboarding process would seamlessly integrate HCPs into a unified digital ecosystem. This ecosystem, designed with user needs at its core, fosters collaboration between organisations and provides a single point of sign in for all to make use of. Much like how you can use social media profiles to quickly register and log into a new platform.

Visualising this ideal situation serves as inspiration, guiding the continual improvement of current processes towards a future where digital engagement in healthcare is frictionless and universally beneficial.

Give your onboarding process the attention it deserves

Pharmaceutical teams must recognise the profound impact of onboarding processes on digital engagement. Neglecting the user experience during registration undermines the potential for increased engagement, reduced drop-out rates, and a more satisfied user base.

As the industry evolves, the onboarding experience acts as a gateway to valuable resources and collaboration opportunities. Equal attention to onboarding ensures regulatory compliance while building trust, demonstrating value, and shaping a future where digital engagement in healthcare is not just a requirement, but a seamless and enriching experience for all stakeholders.

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