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Graphite Create Festive Vines for Costa

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Ryan Phipps-Mitchell
by Ryan Phipps-Mitchell
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Published on Tuesday 16th December 2014

For the first time, Costa have released limited edition ceramic versions of their much-loved festive takeaway cups, which are available to buy in store on the run up to Christmas (if you haven’t got yours, you better get in there quick!).

We were challenged with promoting them on digital to generate interest and raise awareness and also to give the cup characters a sprinkling of personality.

The team gathered round and lots of ideas were flung about, but ultimately we decided the best way to do this would be through video and the chosen platform was Vine.

Costa already have a healthy, engaged following on social media, so we saw the opportunity to create content that was accessible and had a real shareable quality; something that had potential to bring a genuine smile to peoples faces. Christmas-time gives brands license to have a little fun and Costa were up for approaching it like that, so they were super excited to see what we’d come up with!

Using Vine seemed the most appropriate medium, it enables us to stick with the festive-fun theme, using paper-craft and stop motion to create short, sweet and sharable little stories that brought the cups to life.

How we did it…

As we already knew how long the videos had to be, we could also work out how many frames each one would need – 150 to be exact! We had lots of fun creating each video, spending most of our time away from our computer screens (for a change!), crafting each scene meticulously. By making sure every scene looked beautiful and using the correct lighting, we only needed to spend an extremely small amount of time editing them in AfterEffects afterwards.

We delivered two Vines to Costa (Santa and Snowman) and they were so thrilled with them, they commissioned us to create two more (Rudolph and Elf), to complete the set of four.

It was a collaborative effort from the team throughout the whole process and it’s apparent that we pushed ourselves harder in terms of detail and animation with each video we made, as we knew that it was these subtle details that would give the videos their charm.

Costa staggered the release of the Vines starting in early November and from the outset have had outstanding feedback from their customers, including thousands of excitable comments and over 100k+ loops on Vine!

We are really pleased with the outcome of the project, the fact that users have responded so positively to the content and the high level of engagement they have sparked between Costa and their audience. The Santa Vine also made it to number 5 on the weekly Vine chart curated by The Drum, which was a great little bonus for us!