Customer Experience Strategy

Graphite works with you to understand your users, your business and future opportunities to define a plan that will help achieve your vision.

What is a Digital Customer Experience Strategy? 

A Customer Experience Strategy defines your business goals and vision and provides a plan to help you deliver digital experiences where humans are at the centre of decision-making


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Typically a Digital Customer Experience Strategy with Graphite would include:


Discovery - Understanding where we are now 

During this phase, we take time to assess where you are now, collect information and frame the problem to be solved. We gather enough evidence to give us an indication of where the opportunities might be.

This would include defining business goals and key performance indicators, along with an understanding of any current feature backlogs. During this phase, we may undertake several tasks, including:

  • Workshop or kick-off meeting
  • Understanding of business objectives and goals
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Data gathering - sourcing data from multiple sources including analytics
  • User research and user interviews
  • Expert reviews of existing work


Discovering Insights from your data

We synthesise the data gathered, by spotting themes, patterns and opportunities that can be made into actionable insights. This process could include thematics, workshopping, affinity mapping and customer journey mapping. 

Discovery allows multiple people to come together to help build success, this means Graphite, stakeholders and users are working together throughout.

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Define & Validate

We take time to understand what success looks like for your business, and together we ensure that the project group is aligned and focused on the right things. We focus ideas and solutions and create a product and experience roadmap.

This process may include:

  • Ideation session: We collaborate to generate ideas to innovate your product or service. We capture as many ideas as possible from insight to move into rapid prototyping.
  • Rapid prototyping: Turning ideas into early-stage concepts that can be tried, tested and validated.
  • Group workshops: Aligning on understanding and definition of project success, setting metrics and goals.
  • Validation: During the define stage, we test all of the ideas, solutions and prototypes with the end-user to ensure our users are getting the best and right product.



Collaboration is vital, and throughout the process, we bring multi-disciplinary teams together - we provide regular work showcases and involve stakeholders across the business.

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What are the benefits of defining a Customer Experience Strategy?

The process will help bring you closer to your customers and create a shared understanding of what the customer experience should be. Other benefits of a Customer Experience Strategy include:

  • Reduced customer friction and a reduced customer effort to do business with you. This often results in cost savings.
  • Increased Customer Loyalty and Advocacy.
  • A strategy and product roadmap of planned improvements that everyone is aligned to.


Graphite Customer Experience Strategy

The Graphite team of talented designers, developers and project managers work with your team to create a strategic roadmap to help you deliver human-centred experiences. Graphite already works with healthcare and pharmaceutical companies and has over 10 years of experience of collaborating with clients to define their customer experience strategy.

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Service Details

  • Timing

    Timing is bespoke based on client needs.

  • Deliverables

    An understanding of your users and a strategic roadmap for the next steps in delivering a better Digital Customer Experience.

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