Customer Experience Workshop

Bring internal stakeholders together in a workshop to get a clear understanding of strategic vision, customer goals and pain points that exist in the customer experience.

Our customer experience workshop is designed to bring internal stakeholders together to get a clearly defined understanding of business goals, help organisations focus their strategic vision and to deliver a fresh perspective on customer experience and how it might be improved. 

What are the benefits of a Customer Experience Workshop?

The session is designed to enable leaders to get a clear understanding of potential pain points in their customer experience. The output will be an evidence-based focus on objectives, problem definition and a documented customer journey with potential pain points identified. The workshop will provide recommendations for next steps and a shared understanding of the scale of the problem that can help drive stakeholder buy-in throughout your organisation. This will include some initial ideas and insights from our expert team, along with a plan for further work to turn your ideas into actionable outcomes.

Graphite Customer Workshop

The Graphite team of talented designers, developers and project managers work with your team to help identify current customer experiences and collaborate together to improve them, creating a strategic roadmap for your customer experience offering.  It can help to identify the gaps between what a customer experiences and their wants and needs. The workshop will review qualitative and quantitative data gathered from user research. 

Customer Experience Workshop

Customer Experience Workshop

  • Timing

    Bespoke based on client needs.

  • Deliverables

    A strategic roadmap for next steps in delivering a better Digital Customer Experience. Following the workshop, most clients use the findings to progress ideas in a design sprint or rapid prototype.

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