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Why run a design sprint?

A design sprint helps you rapidly prototype solutions to big challenges. It can help you solve big problems and test new ideas. You can compress what could be months of work into just 5 days. Jake Knapp invented this successful 5 day sprint process for solving problems and creating a prototype at Google. Since then the methodology has been accepted not only by Google ventures but by hundreds of successful brands across the globe. Our design team can help you facilitate a design sprint with your team, create a prototype and test with users.

Prototype and test solutions in just 5 days, saving months of work.

Graphite can help teams rapidly move forward during the design sprint process. We’ll help you to accelerate digital growth and quickly test solutions with real users.

We’ll help you bring together and engage cross-functional teams. Together you’ll work in a creative environment to innovate and prototype solutions to a business problem. In just 5 days your team can work together to decide on an idea, make a prototype, and test it with your end user. This can turn pain points into concepts that can be quickly validated with users.

Risk mitigation. The design sprint process helps you mitigate risk and budget by gaining instant feedback and iterating rapidly.


What to expect from a design sprint?

Here’s what to expect if you run a design sprint with Graphite Digital. We also offer design sprint training should you wish to run your own design sprints with your team.

The Prep

The Graphite team will provide a facilitator and design and development experts, as you require.

Day 1 - You’ll map out the problem and pick an important place to focus. 

Day 2 - The day starts with ‘lightening demo’s’. You’ll look at how other people have solved these problems. You’ll sketch competing solutions on paper.

Day 3 - You’ll make decisions by voting and you’ll turn your ideas into a testable hypothesis.

Day 4 - We’ll create a high-fidelity prototype.

Day 5 - We test with real life humans to get instant feedback on your idea.

We brought together a multidisciplinary group and gained agreement in three short days on a set of features would provide an optimal user experience.

Jason McElwee, Senior Product Manager, Pfizer

If you want more on design sprints, our Creative Director Thomas Michalak has created an ebook with 30 of his tips for running successful design sprints. The ebook is free to download here!