Design Sprints

A design sprint will take you from initial inspiration to tangible prototype that can be validated with customers in just 5 days or less.

What is a design sprint? 

The design sprint concept originated at Google Ventures, as an approach to help to solve big challenges and problems collaboratively, and quickly. Since it’s conception, the methodology has been utilised by hundreds of successful brands across the globe. 

The process allows us to test, learn and improve customer experiences quickly. Ideas are validated with users immediately, which in turn can save considerable investment and reduce uncertainty when launching new ideas or experiences. 

The design sprint process typically takes just 5 days, although we are happy to adapt this to a longer or shorter time frame to fit your needs. 

How can a design sprint help you? 

A design sprint is an effective and efficient way of turning thoughts and ideas into tangible, testable solutions. The tried and tested structure ensures that discussions are highly focused and that concepts are evolved and improved day by day. 

Design Sprints can help to bring cross-functional departments together and align them around an idea or concept. Our facilitators will help bring shared understanding and vision across departments that will break down silos and make sure everyone is focused on the end-user. The process is completely transparent and collaborative, taking everyone’s opinions and ideas into account. 

Crucially, a design sprint puts the user at the centre of the product design and development process. Their wants and needs are considered throughout, and their feedback and validation is sought at the end of the sprint. 

Learn more in our ebook '30 hints and tips for running successful Design Sprints'.

The process 

Day 1: Understand: Map out the problem and pick an important place to focus.

Day 2: Diverge: The day starts with ‘lightning demos’. You’ll look at how other people have solved these problems. You’ll sketch competing solutions on paper.

Day 3: Decide: You’ll make decisions by voting, and you’ll turn your ideas into a testable hypothesis.

Day 4: Prototype: We’ll create a visual prototype.

Day 5: Validate: We test with real users to get instant feedback on your idea.

Graphite digital design sprint

Service details

  • Deliverables

    A tangible, clickable, high-resolution prototype to validate your ideas with real users and gain valuable insights to help you optimise and build upon your prototype.

  • Benefits

    An efficient and quick way to gather evidence-based recommendations to help you justify further investment in digital innovation with your internal teams.

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