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Design Sprint Training

  • Design Sprint Training for Teams

Design Sprint Training

Our courses help teams get ready to facilitate and run Design Sprints in-house. In two days, you can learn how to facilitate Design Sprints, which will help you transform your organisation’s culture of innovation and collaboration. Our design sprint training is focussed toward client organisations that want to train and upskill in-house teams.


We realised that after facilitating many Design Sprints, a lot of our clients wanted to train their in-house teams in the Design Sprint methodology in order to run them internally. Our training course allows teams to learn and practice the tools and techniques in a Design Sprint. 

Facilitate. Learn how to facilitate a Design Sprint from start to finish. 

Prep. We run through practical techniques to prepare and coordinate teams for a design sprint. 

Problem/Solutions. Learn which problems work for a Design Sprint and practice reframing. 

Journey Mapping. Understand the journey mapping process and how to pinpoint customer experience issues. 

Innovate. Learn how to create an environment for innovation. 

Sketch. Learn how to sketch solutions quickly and some easy methods for prototyping. 

Design Sprint Tips. Learn tips & tricks to make your internal design sprints run smoothly.

"I’m so pleased I did it. It’s opened my eyes to a lot of things, it’s got me excited, I feel refreshed again, I just want to get back to work and get started!”

Ian Sutton - Ambitious About Autism

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Timing: 2 days
Deliverables: You’ll acquire the skills to facilitate design sprints confidently, including Design Sprint prep, problem framing, journey mapping, creating innovative solutions and sketching exercises. You’ll also receive a takeaway learning guide and a Design Sprint hints and tips book.

“Would I recommend this course to others? I most definitely would. I would say take this opportunity, do something like this, expand your mind."​​

Ian Sutton - Ambitious About Autism

If you'd like to find out more, our Creative Director Thomas Michalak has written an ebook with his top 30 hints and tips for running a successful design sprint which you can download for free.

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