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What is a Digital Customer Experience Strategy Workshop?

A 2-day strategy workshop designed to give leaders a fresh perspective on their customer experience strategy and how to bring it to life. 

A customer experience strategy is a vital component of any consumer-facing business. The workshop will help organisations re-focus their strategic CX vision and help to ensure customers have a positive interaction with your brand. 

The aim of a customer experience led strategy is to improve overall customer satisfaction leading to better engagement, loyalty and advocacy. A customer experience focused strategy involves considering customers needs, desires and any potential pain points that users may face.

How could a Digital Customer Experience Strategy Workshop benefit your business?

Almost every successful business recognises that the experience a customer has with their organisation is crucial, but it's important to re-focus and make sure you really understand your customers needs and wants. A digital customer strategy workshop will help to:

  • Understand current pain points in your customer journey. We gather together key customer insights and share them with the team.
  • Understand the gap between what a customer wants and what they actually experience in the current journey. 
  • Bring together cross-functional teams to share insight from several stakeholders. This helps to gain buy-in toward your overall goal as an organisation and refocus with a fresh perspective on customer experience.
  • At which points in the journey should your team focus to create real impact.
  • Understand the opportunity to gain competitive advantage through delivery of superior digital experiences.

Over 2 days, we will review both qualitative and quantitative data gathered from user research to understand your customers’ pain points and needs. Together we will create a strategic roadmap for your CX offering. 

Timing: 2 day workshop

Deliverables: A 2 day strategic workshop and a formal document with a clear and evidence based re-focusing of your strategic CX vision, objectives & problem definition. It can be used internally to gain stakeholder buy-in throughout your organisation for a digital solution. It will include information such as a documented customer journey with potential pain points identified, stakeholder feedback & customer insights. It will consist of recommendations for next steps and help to build a shared understanding of how to successfully bring your vision to life.

This exercise often takes place following the completion of the ‘Customer Experience Review’ and ‘User Research’ exercises. Following this workshop, we advise clients to use our findings to progress ideas in a Design SprintRapid Prototype or MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

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