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Product Strategy

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Defining the strategic approach for the product. Focused on exploring opportunities and aligning business and customer value into an actionable plan.

Product Strategy

Your vision, our velocity - that's Graphite's mantra; it means that we help realise our clients visions as successful outcomes with the speed nimbleness of an agency, rather than the typically slow pace of a large organisation. In order to deliver, we've discovered how important it is to start with a clear strategy, ensuring: 

  1. Clear positioning of the product within the business with engagement from key stakeholders to ensure support
  2. Development of a unique market proposition and establish messaging to support
  3. Understanding the data by re-visiting existing sources, making sure to identify the most important KPIs that measure the true impact of the product on the business

How can Graphite help today?

We are working with several customers on some exciting challenges:

  • “How might we explore the future of digital loyalty for our brand?”
  • “How might we validate our product proposition, re-frame it within the business, and then create the ideal customer experience?” 

Do contact us to discuss your challenges - we look forward to hearing from you.

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