User Research

Understand your users' needs, behaviours and motivations

What is User Research? 

User research is essential for understanding your customers’ behaviours, their aims, and how they interact with your products and services. To create a solution that delivers users what they want, you first need to understand what they need. You need to see your product through your users’ eyes. 

How can user research help your team?

User research can help you identify and find patterns in people’s behaviour, goals, needs and desires. It can also help you to understand how successfully you have met users needs with your product or service. It can provide a plethora of insight into your customers to allow you to understand their priorities and give practical, actionable recommendations for teams to take forward to deliver better experiences.

Graphite Digital User Research

We provide a full set of user research services, and all of them can be provided remotely. Our user research process is fast, and it’s designed to give sufficient evidence to help your team make good decisions with actionable next steps.

Quite often clients say that they can’t afford to do research or they haven’t got time. I believe you can’t afford not to. Good user research will save both time and budget in the long run as it ensures you understand the real problems your users experience and who you are creating for. Any research is better than no research at all.

Anna Allan - Graphite's Lead UX Researcher

User Research Outcomes

We focus on providing enough research to give quick, actionable insights. Research is delivered with easily digestible reports of the analysis that has taken place with clear findings.


Graphite has provided user research services to Vhi, Pfizer and others in a tightly regulated environment. 


Read our ebook 'User Research - the essentials' to learn more.


User Research

User Research

  • Duration & Price

    Research duration and price is bespoke based on client needs.

  • Who would this service benefit?

    User research helps organisations who want to understand their customer’s behaviours and aims, and how customers are interacting with your products and services.

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We can provide the following types of user research: