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Why Businesses Struggle to Personalise Products (...And How to Ensure You’re not One of Them)

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Our Brighton studio is a stone's throw from the beach, with a sea view, a large foyer for meetings and presentations, three meeting rooms, and a large kitchen with games lounge. We're on the look out ...

Rob Verheul

Wednesday 17th January 2018 1 min read

Digital Day this year brought Rob and Callum to Steyning Grammar school - something of a trip down memory lane for Rob; one of the school’s alumni. The day links digital industry professionals with ...

Callum Stannard

Wednesday 20th December 2017 2 mins read

Digital products are an increasingly significant part of our lives, and we at Graphite spend a lot of time thinking about what makes them a useful and valuable part of our lives. Here’s our 2017 list ...

Joshua Price

Monday 18th December 2017 12 mins read

We recently spoke to 14 well-known brands about how they use loyalty to increase engagement with their existing customer base, improve consideration and learn from their customer’s behaviours. A lot ...

Rob Verheul

Tuesday 19th September 2017 9 mins read