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Heuristic Evaluation & Analysis for UX and UI

A heuristic audit involves evaluating the user experience of your digital product against predetermined principles, or ‘heuristics’.

It provides a quick and affordable audit of your digital product to identify key areas where enhancements can be made.

Balancing UX best practice with regulatory constraints, we'll provide a prioritised list of suggestions to improve engagement, usability and feature utilisation.

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Service details


An audit of your digital product is conducted by our clinical UX researchers to assess usability against established principles to identify areas for improvement, before prioritised findings are shared.


A quick and inexpensive way to gain insights enabling you to significantly improve the usability and overall digital experience for your customers.

The process

Planning and set-up

Research aims and scope are defined and methods are agreed upon. A detailed plan is written and shared, and all research documentation is created.

Heuristic audit

Clinical UX Researcher conducts the heuristic audit of agreed pages and features. Usability issues and gaps within the user experience are identified. 

Report creation

A comprehensive report is created to explain audit findings and provide a list of prioritised, actionable recommendations to improve the UX of your digital products. 

Findings and playback

The research report is shared with the client. Findings are explained and discussed, and next steps are agreed upon. 

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