UX and UI Design

User experience and user interface design that creates a positive impact by solving problems and delivering on your business vision.

What is user experience and user interface design? 

At Graphite, we focus on human-centred design and bring cross-functional teams together to help your company grow and deliver better digital customer experiences. We use real data, user insight and innovative ideas to help traditional clients in regulated industries deliver engaging, compliant and frictionless experiences. Our extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors allow us to innovate while integrating regulatory and business needs. Design starts with people, and we strive to achieve a positive impact through our processes. We often work to support internal client teams and alongside other agencies.

We make information easy to understand and interact with. Our process and techniques are designed to save clients both development time and costs. Our approach to product design ensures that all solutions answer customer needs while satisfying business requirements. 

UX design mapping


User Experience Design

User experience design focuses on the overall feel of the experience and how users interact with it. User-centred design is based on the needs and wants of customers and our researchers and designers evaluate how customers think and feel about digital experiences in terms of value and ease of use. The user research process focuses on addressing how a user feels when they engage with an experience, and usability focuses on the user-friendliness of the interface. At Graphite, our designers work closely with technical experts to understand what it is possible to deliver to meet client needs. 

Don Norman. Cognitive Scientist and User Experience Architect from Nielsen Norman Group defines user experience “User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-users interaction with the company, its services, and its products.”

User Interface Design

The Graphite team of talented designers focus on the visual elements that a user might interact with within a digital product such as a website or app. User interface designs are functional and enable users to complete tasks with ease. Our designers focus on every single micro-interaction, including the screen layout, the buttons your users click on, text entry fields and animation. Our team has lots of experience creating the look and feel of user experiences and design systems for enterprise-level clients. We focus on users’ visual experience and interaction, and we are consistent with platform guidelines. We think carefully about how we craft each button, symbol and icon to achieve the perfect balance between simple and beautiful.

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Graphite Digital User Experience and User Interface Design

People are at the centre of everything we create with our clients. We create partnerships and together clarify how to meet the expectations of your customers’ s and align that to your business goals. By investing in user research, user experience design and well-crafted user interfaces, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact. Well-designed user experiences will:

  • Simplify your users' journey by helping your customers locate the information they need precisely when they need it. 
  • Provide a consistent and easy to use interface that will encourage your customers to engage time and time again.
  • Help your customers to complete everything they need to do online without requiring additional help. 
  • Prevent avoidable development costs due to well-informed design decisions. 

Graphite Digital prioritises the needs of your customers to create value for your business. We have over 10 years of experience in delivering better digital customer experiences for enterprise-level healthcare and pharmaceutical clients, including Pfizer and Vhi.

Service Details

  • Duration

    Bespoke. We take time to understand your needs and work together to align our services to your business vision.

  • Who would this service benefit?

    We usually work with enterprise-level clients from the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector. We know the key risks and challenges that these sectors face as well as how to make progress through collaboration with regulatory teams to achieve a positive impact.

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