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LUNA - The Street
Space Game

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Lasers in the Laines - because... well, space is cool.

The Project



Introducing LUNA; a space shooter game based on the 80's classic 'Asteroids', but with plenty of innovations to bring it into the 21st Century. We designed and built a fun, nostalgic and immersive gaming experience you can enjoy right outside our office by hosting it in a TV in our window and enabling people to use their smartphone as a game controller.

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This is the coolest thing ever!

LUNA player during Brighton Digital Media Festival

Luna Big

A Graphite internal project

We decided to do an internal project of this nature for a few reasons. Firstly, and most importantly, it allowed us to experiment with new technologies. We were able to improve our knowledge of technologies such as WebSockets, Node.JS and Phaser. JS as well as techniques for implementing sprite sheets. Will, the lead developer on this project even decided to create the physics engine from scratch because, well, why not?

We’re not going to pretend internal projects aren’t challenging! The return on investment isn’t always straightforward and the team had to juggle between client work and the project. Challenges like this were obvious from the beginning, though what was less obvious was the challenge of keeping the project fun and trying to get everyone involved without compromising people’s visions.

A plus was that we found that we were able to showcase skills we had that weren’t necessarily in our daily work. Internal projects are a great way to learn new skills or expand on existing ones without the pressure of deadlines.

Mobile Luna
Highest score reached 10,209!

Our development team always experiment with new techniques and technologies, creating demos to share within the team. This is a gold mine for R&D; our platform was born. We decided to begin an internal project based on one of these experiments. This meant that we had a basis to work with creatively, we had boundaries and our developers had something to start with that they knew had potential. 

We had an experiment floating round the office that was an amalgamation of the contents of one of our blog posts on realtime data distribution with websocket & nodejs and some other techniques we’d played about with. It was a basic ‘asteroids’ style 2D environment powered by NodeJS and WebSockets and hosted on a RaspberryPi that anyone on the network could join. This was originally a test of the power of WebSockets but, after proving itself worthy, became the basis for this internal research and development project.

Out in the wild

We released the game to coincide with Brighton Digital Festival. This is an annual event that runs throughout September every year, providing a great platform for people and companies pushing the boundaries of digital.

We’ve had some amazing feedback and the whole team feels a sense of pride at what we’ve created. Who knows what our scientists will come up with next…