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Enhancing the customer experience through a staff rewards programme MVP

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An incentive-driven product to reward staff and enhance the customer experience

Product Objectives


Safilo approached us with a problem: How could they reward sales teams for their work, educate customers on brands while replacing old store stock taking up shelf space with the latest collections? Sales incentives aren’t new but they often have low engagement and many don't add value to the customers experience. We were now on a mission to create a sales incentive product that would reward sales staff and enhance the customer experience and keep stocks moving.

Provided Services

Safilo Incentive Design Sprint Process

Understand the context

Carrera, Marc Jacobs, Polaroid, Jimmy Choo and Dior are all Safilo owned and licensed brands and they are sold in many independent opticians and eyewear retailers across the world in stores that all have different systems, rules, ethics and needs.

During our user research we had 3 objectives: What are the common points between all the retailers, how do the sales staff feel about sales incentives and finally how does the customer interaction work? 

It turns out that all shops have different systems and integrating with it would be incredibly expensive and complicated logistically, so we decided to create a product that could be independent from any existing systems, instead living directly on the users own smartphone. Most sales staff didn’t engage with incentives from other manufacturers because the prizes were not exciting and redemption was complicated (not everyone wants to receive a bottle of Champagne!). We also discovered that some eyewear brands carried stigmas based on assumptions and the salespeople didn’t always know how to sell them, which in turn meant that customers couldn't discover new collections unless they already knew what they were looking for and could request it.

Thomas Michalak - Graphite's Creative Director

Safilo Incentive Start With Mvp

Starting with an MVP

Safilo’s Minimum Viable Product was created in just 3 months. This was made possible thanks to our design sprint, quick prototyping and user research. Creating a Minimum Viable Product is the ultimate test to your product and the best way to quickly validate its value proposition with your target customers.

We created a product that would take users on a journey and compliment the services that they were already offering to their patients. The product also gave them a clear visualisation of their progress and provided some useful brand nudges to help them become more knowledgable about specific products and the overall brand positioning.

Logging sales was made incredibly simple and was the main user interaction in our MVP throughout the development. We took an optimistic UI approach and kept the user moving through the solution with the minimum barriers to entry, creating delightful micro-interactions that encouraged them throughout the campaign. 

Global rollout

After the successful UK MVP launch for Carrera, Safilo engaged Graphite to carry on the incentive with Marc Jacobs and Polaroid and rollout the product to their Scandinavian markets.

By developing the product to be scalable and including simple but powerful branding options, we gave Safilo the opportunity to run the incentive in multiple markets across multiple brands with minimum effort. We also provided consultancy around competition and incentive laws across the regions and the modular nature of the product allowed us to adapt to fit local legislation with ease.