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Customer Experience Review and Technical Audit of digital platforms

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Customer Experience Review and Technical Audit



Project Summary

We completed a Customer Experience Review and Technical Audit of thefoodpeople’s current digital platforms, highlighting areas for change and producing a report of recommendations to help improve thefoodpeople’s customer experience strategy.

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thefoodpeople (tfp) are shaping a better future across society by helping to shift the food & drink industry forward. The team are harnessing the power of trends, insight, horizontal foresight, championing change and creating change champions.


The Challenge

In early 2020, the Graphite team designed and pitched a 2020 digital strategy to tfp in line with their business goals. The first stage within this strategy was to develop tfp’s understanding of the current customer experience on their digital platforms and the existing user journey. 



The outputs from the Customer Experience Review and Technical Audit  helped tfp to get a better understanding of current customer pain points and overall user experience.

The Strategy

We proposed that the first stage in understanding the current customer experience was to complete a Customer Experience Review and a Technical Audit of tfp's digital platforms. Once completed, we would provide tfp with a report of CX strategy recommendations and highlight areas for technical change on their platforms. These would be compiled alongside a priority checklist - with the improvements focussed on ‘high impact’ areas.

The Customer Experience Review is a tool that we use to help benchmark the current performance of a product or service from a customer point of view. The approach provides a better experience for customers so that they are more likely to convert, and more likely to acquire products and services in the future.

During a Technical Audit, our Tech team explores a clients existing technology stack and highlights areas of potential change that will help to improve the overall user experience. We look at data usage and storage as well as infrastructure including existing platforms, code, and architecture. We also make performance optimisation recommendations on areas such as web page speed and scalable cloud platforms.

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The Solution

The Graphite team reviewed tfp's existing digital user journey from the moment that a potential customer lands on their website, through to their use of tfp’s digital product ‘trendhub’ with the purpose of measuring consistency and the overall user experience.

Through a Customer Experience Review, we measured how well the user journey performed for customer experience and engagement by benchmarking it against our 10-point scorecard. From the review, we were able to discover that there are many different ways of completing certain actions on trendhub, some of which could confuse users and have more steps than are needed. We conducted internal research and testing to confirm this finding. 

Through our Technical Audit, we identified technical pain points in the user journey that would affect the overall user experience of the platforms. One key issues identified was a loading issue - certain pages of the platform take too long to load. We provided recommendations on how to improve load time.

We put all of our learnings into an effort vs impact matrix by assessing which of recommendations are quick wins, or major projects - we also highlighted work that needs to be completed but won’t make an immediate impact. From this, we compiled a priority list of projects for tfp to help improve their digital customer experience offering.

We adapted our services according to the needs of tfp. Our reviews can vary in detail and can be carried out over 1 day for a light touch, 3 days for a middleweight review or 5+ days for a bespoke and detailed review. This review was completed over 3 days.


The Results 

We highlighted the highest priority changes to make on the tfp's website and trendhub in our report, alongside our recommendations.


Customer Experience Review

We identified some of the highest priority learnings from the review and highlighted the key areas for optimisation to improve the overall user experience; 

  • The sign-up process - optimise the overall sign-up process to gather key data, allowing tfp to quickly assess if a lead is high quality.

  • Pricing acknowledge pricing on the website or create a pricing structure to help inform users buying decisions. 

  • Content clarity - review the current content to see where we can reduce the amount and make it clearer for users to understand. AB test copy to see what works best with our users. 

  • Optimise navigation - Restructure the navigation into clearer and condensed buckets of content to optimise the user journey

  • Optimise the user experience of the reports feature - Make the feature easier to use and use research to understand how useful reporting is to users.


Technology Audit

We identified some of the highest priority learnings from the audit and highlighted the key areas for optimisation to improve the overall technical infrastructure and user experience; 

  • Identify and fix bugs for a better UX 

  • Reduce file sizes for a better performance 

  • Improve page load speed 

  • Optimise platforms for accessibility

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What’s next?

Now that we have a more comprehensive understanding of thefoodpeople’s existing digital platforms, we will be taking our learnings forward to complete further User Research and a Customer Experience Strategy workshop. Both of these will allow us to assess the current customer experience further and to validate our findings with real user insights.

Find out how we used our learnings to create a optimised lead generation landing page for thefoodpeople.