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Optimising the user journey for improved lead generation

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Lead Generation Landing Page

Project Summary



We designed, developed and tested a new lead generation page with an optimised user journey for thefoodpeople’s website. The purpose of the project was to increase the volume of high quality leads. This project resulted in the desired outcomes of an increase in lead generation through form completion, increase in lead quality and a decrease in Cost Per Lead. Lead quality was defined by leads that matched the client’s target audience criteria.

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thefoodpeople (tfp) are shaping a better future across society by helping to shift the food & drink industry through harnessing the power of trends, insight, horizontal foresight, championing change and creating change champions.

The Challenge

thefoodpeople wanted to improve the volume of high quality leads they received via their web forms, and in turn, generate an improved conversion rate. They found that their leads didn’t always fit their target market and therefore didn’t always convert.



  • Improve the Conversion Rate on the website to 6% from an average of 4%.

  • Decrease the Cost Per Lead from an average of £9.60.

  • Increase volume of high quality leads Month on Month.

Customer Insight

Prior to this project, Graphite carried out a Customer Experience Review on thefoodpeople’s website. From our review, we gained valuable customer insight and learnings that informed our project strategy and highlighted areas for change. 

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The existing forms on tfp’s website were very text-heavy and pages contained lots of distractions which diverted users' attention from the primary goal of filling in a form.

We found that the existing website content didn’t explain the product offering clearly and simply. The messaging could act as a barrier for potential customers that come across the site as they may not fully understand what thefoodpeople do.

We used heat map tools, such as HotJar, to analyse users behaviour on the site. We discovered that many users weren’t scrolling very far down the page and were dropping off of the site. 

As an output of the Customer Experience Review, we created a report of analysis and findings with recommendations which informed our project strategy. 

The Strategy

As a result of the learnings from our Customer Experience Review, thefoodpeople asked Graphite to work with them to improve their website’s user journey and web forms so that it was easier for future customers to download exclusive content and have a positive first interaction with the company. thefoodpeople have multiple touchpoints where website visitors can exchange their data (such as name, email address and company) for access to their exclusive content. 

Before implementing a new user journey and web form design across the whole tfp website, tfp wanted to test the effectiveness of a new design to see if it helped them to meet their objectives. Therefore Graphite were asked to design, develop and test a single new webform page that would be A/B tested against their current website. This form would allow visitors to sign up for exclusive access to a free chapter from their 2020-2021 annual trend book to give potential customers an insight into the kind of content thefoodpeople create. The new page would sit on thefoodpeople domain, but could not be accessed via the website - only via direct search or with the page URL.

We needed to simplify the user journey and ensure that potential customers were engaged by the opportunity to download exclusive content and fill in the web form without being distracted by anything else on the website.

The Solution

Before this project Graphite had worked with tfp and a partner agency to update their brand guidelines and their customer experience strategy. We included these updates in this project by; updating imagery in line with the brand and re-writing copy in line with the new brand Tone of Voice (TOV). 

We also designed the new page with the addition of an image of the exclusive content to act as a sneak peek and entice them to sign up to read the rest. The copy was re-written in line with the new TOV to be more engaging, exciting, clear and concise.

We added two extra fields to the web form; ‘Company’ and ‘Industry’ to aid the tfp team when trying to determine whether the lead matched their audience criteria, and thus qualified as a high quality lead.

thefoodpeople work with global brands, however their current website does not showcase this enough. For our new landing page, we wanted to help tfp show off some of their high profile clients to convey credibility to potential customers, and so we made client logos more prominent in the new design.

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Screencapture Thefoodpeople Co Uk Free Download 2020 2020 05 05 15 27 09

Graphite ran a split A/B test with Google Ads alongside an external partner. The purpose was to test the new landing page against an existing lead generation page on the website, focusing on user engagement and whether they matched tfp’s audience criteria. The test split traffic sending 50% to the tfp website and the other 50% to the new page. These split test volumes were used to ensure statistical significance. We constantly monitored the volume and quality of the leads coming in from each of the two sources, as well as the Cost Per Lead.

The Results

Analytics were tracked across six months (September 2019 - March 2020) with the new landing page going live in January 2020.

Overall, the new lead generation landing page, designed and developed by Graphite was more successful in achieving thefoodpeople’s KPIs than the existing website’s lead generation pages.

The new page resulted in:

  • An increased volume of high quality leads. 

  • Month on month, there was a 45%-75% increase in lead volumes.

  • The average Conversion Rate more than doubled to 8.8% from 4%. This result also surpassed thefoodpeople’s target of 6%.

  • CPC was reduced to £6.50 from £9.60.

What’s next?

We will continue to work with thefoodpeople to improve the user experience of their online platforms and optimise the quality of leads that they receive on their website.

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