Digital Healthcare & Pharma Design Agency

We work together with healthcare & pharma clients to accelerate the creation of digital user experiences. Discover how we can help with HCP and Patient engagement.

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Digital Healthcare & Pharma Design Agency

Graphite Digital has been supporting leaders in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry to create better digital products and experiences for over 10 years. We focus on creating user-centred experiences to accelerate engagement with healthcare professionals and patients. Our team of user researchers, designers, account managers and product managers take a collaborative approach and solve problems quickly.

Digital Health & Pharma Experience

We gather an in-depth understanding of user needs, including those of patients and healthcare professionals to solve healthcare and pharmaceutical challenges by providing better digital experiences. We focus on lean methodology and prioritise experimentation, collaborating across departments to ensure regulatory compliance. We understand how to move with velocity in traditional healthcare and pharmaceutical organisations. Together we create and deliver HCP and patient user experiences, design systems, innovation workshops and digital products.

How can we help healthcare and pharmaceutical organisations?

We help to make getting business done digitally easier for HCPs and Pharma professionals by creating services that help teams spend less time on administration and more time on meaningful work.  Here is a selection of ways in which we can help:

  • UX Research for HCPs and Patients
  • Healthcare and Pharma Digital Customer Experience Design
  • HCP Website and Portal Design
  • Healthcare & Pharma Brand Site Design
  • Pharma Therapy Area Design
  • Customer Journey Mapping for Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
  • Healthcare & Pharma Design Systems
  • Medical, Legal & Regulatory Digital workshops
  • Digital Product Design and Product Management

What our clients are saying: